Cliffs at il-Qaws l/o Migra l-Ferha
The geological formation of the Maltese Islands is characterised by an Oligo-Miocene succession of five types of sedimentary rocks. From the lowest level upwards these include the Lower Coralline Limestone, Globigerina Limestone, Blue Clay, Greensands and the Upper Coralline limestone.

The islands lie on the African plate, which is at present going under the European plate. This explains the north-east dip  of the islands resulting in bays on the northern coast and as shown in the picture, cliffs on the southern coast.

The cliffs shown are the western continuation of the Dingli Cliffs and are composed of lower coralline limestone. The overlying globigerina layer, being less resistant to erosion has resulted in the flowing landscape that constitute the fertile soils of the Dingli cliffs.



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