Qortin l-Imdawwar 
Qortin l-Imdawwar
The site, also known as the Kuncizzjoni Temple (c 3000 - 2500 BC), lies on one of the most magnificent promontories on the Maltese Islands overlooking Kuncizzjoni, Fomm ir-Rih, and Ras ir-Raheb.

A considerable amount of pottery was found here most of which belonging to the Tarxien Phase Culture. The use of fine incised lines and red ochre for decoration was extensive. A shell perforated for suspension was also found on site. Flint implements were rare but chert was more numerous, the latter not an unexpected find due to the rich source nearby.

A quern, mortar and a number of rubbers were also recovered form the carbonised deposit. A considerable number of bones were also recovered and included ox, pig, sheep, goat and horse.

The photograph shows a number of megaliths still visible ( March 1999 ) on site forming curvaceous boundaries, probably the last remains of temple apses.


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