This is a page about Brofessor Birch!! [A cruddy old battle music midi will play, becauseI cant find anything else that would entertain you.]
Magma-Dan: Take the PokeBalls! We need the worthless scum-buckets to do our dirty work!

Odamaki: *Cries* They're not worthless! Kimori! Use Razor leaf on them!

*Kimori uses Razor Leaf, beats the Magmas up and crud and.... rips some of the Magmas clothes off (xD) So they run away screaming bloody murder*

Odakami: Hey! Kimori! That wasnt nice! I said Razor leaf Only!

Kimori: Kimmm. (u.u;)
Professor Odakami is  Houen's professor. Yah, the cheesy wise guy who gives you you're first Pokemon if you are starting out in that "world"(o.O;) But hey, Any friend of Haruka's is any friend of mine. ((By the way, I might be adding some more pages! ^_^))