This is a page about Masato! [Ok! (3rd Season) midi will play!]
Professor Okadami/Birch's Info
Masato! He's so kawaii!
...And threatening to his big sister Haruka too...
Masato's just a kawaii person whom I just lurve. =^_^= His big sister's  name is Haruka. They fight in almost every episode in the anime, but they still love each other. Haruka even said (in English on a Japanese episode) "My brother!" And thats Japanese slang for something you love a lot. (And thats pretty new slang, and they hang out in forests with hardly any people around! I think they've been hanging around Dewford too long...) Anyways. Back to my ranting/information giving.  Masatos just the best and most "Kawaii ka mo" person ever on Advance Generation! =D *Gasp* One more page left!