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Ever wonder what Sonic Central looked like before now? Well, you can stop wondering beyond this point. Here you can view all the previous layouts this site has had before this one. The only think I ask is that you please do not steal any of them. I don't think any of them are really worth stealing...but if you lack creativity that much I guess you'll give it a shot. Just think of what kind of example you'd be setting for the little kids out there. Alright, enough blab, here they are:

Layout 1 - I really liked this one. My motive here was to create a space-like atmosphere. At one point I even had a javascript script that made it look like you were traveling through space in the background. I guess I was obsessed with space then...

{Click to enlarge}

Layout 2 - I got my things together and tried getting organized in this layout. It was more of a happy layout, unlike the previous. The banner sort of reminded me of a spring...don't ask why...

{Click to enlarge}

Layout 3 - Returning to our previous dark scheme, this layout brought back some of the space atmosphere left from the first layout. I didn't like it though--I found it to be a bit depressing. It pretty much follows the same format as the second layout with a few differences.

{Click to enlarge}

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