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Pictures By Me:
`Ash's New Year's Feast':(28K)Looks like Brock has been made to carry the backpack and cook dinner ONE too many times and has snapped! `Jar Jar Binks vs Pikachu': (15K) Everyone keeps going on about how Jar Jar Binks is evil and deserves to die, but in this case he's the lesser of two evils; the other evil, of course, being Pokémon. `Pokémon - The most important meal of the day': (31K) Misty's breakfast consists of Pikachu & Togepi!? `Marshmallows On The Campfire': (121K) Uh-oh! Looks like that mischievous little Ash is in trouble again! Now that's what I call a Char-Becue! `KFP - Kentucky Fried Pokémon': (206K) Would you like Butterfrees with that? `Pokéholics Anonymous': (84K) `With Ash's Mom away for the weekend, our friends decide to play drinking games. Ash soon discovers the perils of overindulgence! When will he EVER learn?' `Swingbulbasaur': (48K) Ash & Brock participating in a friendly, wholesome game of Swingbulbasaur. `Use your own goddamn thunderbolt attack!': (42K) Pikachu has just lost a battle against Charmander and is taking it out on Ash.
`Smokémon': (50) Hey kids! Smoking MUST be cool, 'coz the Pokémon are doing it! `Pikachu vs The Escalator': (81K) Too bad Ash never trained his Pokémon to get off the escalator... What a tragedy. What a MESS!! `Pee-Kachu': (72K) Remember, Ash, water conducts electricity. So if Pikachu makes a thunderbolt attack in the river...! `Charmander in a Gas Station': (70K) Fire + Gasoline = ARRRGGGH!!! Can Brock save the day? `Meowth Loses His Head': (85K) The decapitation of Team Rocket's beloved Meowth has a sinister side... I smell a ratatta... `Roadkill!': (105K) It's Roadkill Bingo! But with an Anti-Pokémon theme, of course. PIKACHU: Lord Of Darkness(105K) All right then, here's a `Pokémon is `Evil' one... Prehistoric Pikachu!(293K) Yabba-dabba-chu? It's a sabre-toothed Pikachu!
Davy Rocket (257K)King of the wild frontier! Marooned & Hungry (218K) An animated GIF! Austin Pikachu (221K)Pika-pika, baby, YEAH!!! Cheesy 1950's Propaganda(154K)Those were the days... Curiosity killed the cat(61K)But who killed the Pikachu? Noah's Ark(46K) Two of EVERY animal? Portrait of Political Incorrectness(424K)Adolf Pikachu and Swaspikas!!!
Alien Autopsy (190K) What REALLY went on at Roswell Accidental Euthanasia (235K) Ash's hospital adventures! e.r. this ain't! 'Drunk-a-chu!' (106K) From personal experience: Don't drink and draw!

Pictures From My Adoring Fans (as it were)...
`The BEST Anti-Pikachu pic on this site (so far)!'(16K) Supplied by `The Evil One'. `Pikachu Meets Mr. Shotgun...'(39K) Hey, antipokes! The Evil One reckons your 'shoot Pikachu' pictures should be more like THIS! C'mon!!! `Squirtle loses his balls'(30K)--his eye-balls, that is! By aaron@sharky.org, aka 'Squirtle Killer'. `Official Archery Target of the 2000 Olympic Games'(26K)Only The Evil One could produce something like this... `Pokésummon'(178K)Pokémon and Black Magick! Strike 3... Squirtle! (4K) By Squirtle Killer, aka aaron@sharky.org Pokémon Burgers, anyone? (20.7K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com When Charmander Goes BAD (25.2K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Pikachu must BURN! (42.4K) More pyromayhem by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Dog Attacks Pikachu (9.87K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com I knew this day would come... (14K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Carnivorous Pikachu (17.9K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Squirtle on a stick (12.4K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Tuna, Anyone? (15.2K) by Cynicallia@yahoo.com Pikachu vs The Big Bad Wolf (34.7K) 'I'll huff & I'll puff and I'll blow you up!' by Cynicallia@yahoo.com I have no idea what this thing is but it's anti-Pokémon, so... (77.4K) by Cynny, again How to kill the creator of Pokémon!

More to come, soon...

Les Artistes:

I can't stop you from raiding this picture gallery, so go ahead, see if I give a ratatta's ass.
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And don't pirate other people's stuff!!!! Thankyou.

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