Many a soul abruptly violated

By the horrendous existence of spite;

Many a heart with angst shuddered

By sinister devastation and blight.

The crystal firmament adorned

By pure blue sapphire, so bright,

Was violent, tragically ravaged

By the messengers of hate and fright.

Unbelievable, excruciating calamity,

Where so many heroes shone and succumbed;

We vow never to legate them to oblivion.

Beloved defenders of life, peace, and liberty,

Who for us all to the eternal ascended,

Accept our humble homage and recognition!.

 © Ann Marie S.  Matias

My Heartfelt Homage to:

The Soldiers of Peace, the Protectors of Civil Stability and Freedom, and to All Who, Unselfishly Gave Their Best Contribute, Even the Ultimate Sacrifice of Their Own Lives During the Horrendous Tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Such Acts of Heroism and Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Shall Never Be Forgotten and Deserve  the Utmost Assistance and Gratitude of All the Citizens of This Great Global Country, as Well as They Legate a Very Special Significance to the Memorial Day of 2002.

God Bless


Hail  the Memorial Day! 

May 27, 2002!

Page and Sonet by:

©Ann Marie