Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire

"I pledge allegiance to 

the Flag of the United States of America

 and to the Republic for which it stands,



From remnants of fabric

Betsy Ross fashioned

The very first Banner;

Thru trials and tribulations,

She continues to endure

On earth and even the moon

Granting us a world secure.

Waving in the breeze,

For the common good

And our beloved Country,

Is the crimson of blood shed,

So that we believe that good life

And the hope for a better future

Shall meet and blissfully wed.

Strength of the diamond,

So pure and shining,

Guiding our hearts and souls

With an open and clear mind;

May our common dream

For unity and peace,

Be our most treasured find.

Sapphire skies enveloping

A promising, reachable horizon

Where freedom, hope and

Democracy forever reign;

And the supreme sacrifice

To defend and protect her

Shall not have been in vain.

She is the first to rescue

And help her fellow man,

Never wavering or retreating

In the face of adversity;

She is the solace in our sorrow,

And our rejoicing in glory,

She is the anchor for you and me.

For all those who seek her,

She has been the safe haven

For all in need of refuge,

For the oppressed and bound

By injustice and tyranny;

May she always be their shelter,

The outmost common ground.

May God always guide

The "Stars and Stripes",

The Red, White, and Blue,

Whether on land, sky, and sea;

May she soar above the clouds

Perched on eagle’s wings

And cuddled by democracy.

May she forever be and wave,

The most precious symbol,

The pride of our great Nation;

May our hearts beat in unity,

 In the love for God and Country

May hope, freedom, and peace,

Be to all her eternal legacy.

© Ann Marie S. Matias

God Bless the

United States of America!!

July 4, 2002

Page and Poem by:

©Ann Marie