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by John Lee
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Strictly speaking, a driver can register a BAC of .00% and still be convicted of a DUI. The level of BAC does not clear a driver when it is below the "presumed level of intoxication."
—verbatum quote from 1999 Tennessee Driver Handbook and Driver License Study Guide

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
—George Santayana


U.S. National Traffic Ticket Clock

Blue Light Fever in America's police state. © John Lee
© John Lee

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Traffic tickets issued in America since January 1st. Each ticket represents both an arrest and a Drunk-Driving criminal investigation. Including verbal warnings, that's approximately 500-MILLION DWI/DUI investigations every decade, or 2 for every American man, woman and child. This ties up 90% of all police resources.

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Driving can be an enjoyable and even thrilling adventure, as invigorating as anything else life has to offer. This joy of driving is enhanced through education just as the joy of sex is enhanced with knowledge and experience. A fumble during either enterprise can have devastating consequences. In such matters the wise person chooses to learn from the experiences and failures of others, rather than from the painful and deadly school of hard knocks. Prophalactic countermeasures can aid pleasure in either recreational activity. Ignorance in either can spoil the fun. Premature ejaculation and frigidity can be deadly behind the wheel, so to speak. Hitting an unanticipated driving "pothole" can result in a trip to the hospital faster than one can say "Lorena Bobbitt" (just one of the dozens of true life stories found here, and I don't mean John Wayne B.). Just as people haters ram sexual abstinance down the throats of the masses while prohibiting sexual health education, these same pricks ram alcohol abstinance down the throats of the masses while prohibiting real world driver and nutritional health education. (If that paragraph doesn't blow you out, you're gonna love the next 300 pages. Yes, this site publishes profanity just like network TeeVee and radio does. One must strive to keep up with the Simpsons.) Use it like an encyclopedia of driving and nutritional knowledge, take what you need and leave the rest on the electronic shelf.

Author at Work and Play

This free webbook explores the driving techniques and legal theories that provide maximum safety and enjoyment, iced with the best automobile humor on the Internet. What good is having your driving cake if you can't eat it, too, due to loss of driving license or due to injury from an alcohol or sobriety induced crash? With $10,000 in professional driving education and with $1,000,000 in televised motorsports experience against the most famous drivers in the world today, this author is qualified to give advice to even the most expert of drivers. After receiving criticism from up to 100,000 "back seat drivers" sitting in the grandstands, the author can dish it out as well as he can take it. For someone who has difficulty peeing in a public restroom, it is not easy to drive with 199,999 eyeballs catching every mistake. Yet a dedicated driver is always hungry to improve his or her driving performance, by whatever means necessary, even when it involves listening to the painless pain of criticism. No other way to learn has yet been invented.


Are you tired of being lied to by two-faced politicians and "infotainment" media? Join the crowd. Censorship is prohibited here. Propaganda is banned. Truth is valued. No one and no thing is sacred when it comes to discovering the facts of life when reality is what you need to live life to the fullest. Life is like a motor race: to finish first you must first finish. Survival is the name of the game. While nothing in life is guaranteed, it is possible to greatly improve one's odds of winning. This is the very best web site on the Internet for revealing secrets the elitists never want you to know. Carpe diem (Latin for "go for it!"). Allow an accomplished counter propagandist to show you the ropes of intellectual self defense. Kick off your shoes, relax in a comfy easychair, pour yourself a beverage (or whatever) and prepare for deprogramming.


Driving is an American way of life. Hundreds of millions of Americans do it every day. With the destruction of mass transit and the unchecked sprawl of urban and suburban jungle, automobiles are the only method of transportation that lets citizens work, play and take care of their families. Loss of this licensed "privilege" negatively impacts the lives of 10-million Americans every year, thanks to current "drunk driving" laws. Loss of employment often follows, resulting in economic and psychological devastation to millions of families. Are these "convicts" really brain-damaged alcoholics? Or are they ordinary, hard-working, honest Americans who failed to realize a Prohibition of Alcohol when they see it? Since 1988, 18 to 20 year old "underage" adults faced their own Prohibition with the full support of mass news media, politicians and police forces. What about the rest of America's adults? Are they equally "underage" and don't even know it? Waiting until an actual Prohibition situation is too late to start learning the rules of the government's secret games. Procrastination can prove very, very expensive.


Remember that over 100 members of the United States Congress are arrested for drunk driving every year. Most declare "Constitutional Immunity" from prosecution, something the average citizen is not granted the "right" to do. Nationwide, tens of thousands of politicians, prosecutors, judges and cops are also arrested for DWI every year. Most pull legal strings to escape imprisonment for infraction of the Prohibition laws. It's time average American citizens learn the facts on alcohol Prohibition, too. Thanks to the investigative work of this author and this web site, local and national news media are beginning to report on what the American Beverage Institute routinely labels "Prohibition." With top presidential candidates waging war on the American public with "tough on crime" campaigns, who are the real winners and losers on election day? Democrat Al Gore hails from a state with a zero point zero zero blood alcohol limit, and Republican George Bush Jr hails from a state where traffic cops are allowed to arrest, handcuff and jail any citizen during a routine traffic stop. (A recent US Supreme Court case detailed a woman imprisoned for not using seat belts on her kids -- as government school buses similarly abuse millions of kids every day with impunity (Atwater v. Lago Vista, 99-1408).)


No one wants to get fucked by Big Brother in its Drink Driving War, like poor Ned Beaty in Burt Reynold's Deliverance, or the hundreds of thousands of men raped in American jails every year. Learn how to avoid "squealing like a pig" when a 1-million cops squeal on 300-million Americans every decade. For drivers "profiled" by cops for being attractive young females, such advice can prove literal during a traffic stop on a dark and lonely road. Gang rapes and serial murders committed by traffic police are not unheard of. Read the true stories here.


America imprisons millions of its citizens, mostly for victimless crimes, and has the largest percentage of its population imprisoned than any nation on earth. America is one of the few civlized nations that "trusts" its traffic police with guns -- despite police having one of the safest jobs in America. America has a murder rate 2,000% higher than other civilized nations, yet pays its 90% of its police to waste time on stalking motorists for alleged traffic "crimes." A year 2000 US Senate bill makes the importation of 50,000 American slaves illegal (out of 1-million total American slaves in just that one category), yet our government continues to promote prohibitions that empower gangsters (and crooked cops and courts) to profit with billions of tax free dollars. Military "draftees" and "volunteers" compose another 1-million slaves -- as any patriotic military member quickly realizes when he or she finds themselves in a deadly invasion or wishes to quit a job. America has more slaves per capita than any nation on earth. Millions of annual DUI arrests that fuel the prison-industrial complex are just additional examples of oppression. For a nation founded upon the God-given principles of slavery and genocide, why are we surprised by such modern news?


"Responsible" Americans know the thousands of laws as they apply to them. Do you know all the complexities of the American government's legal system as it applies to driving a motor vehicle? As professional actors say on TeeVee, "ignorance of the law is no excuse." How can any person be a "law-abiding citizen" when he or she doesn't know what the law is? Learn how the government uses legal loopholes to convict nondrinkers, designated drivers, passengers and pedestrians for drunk driving. Learn how police radar clocks trees at 86 mph. Learn how a single 58-mph (in a 55 zone) speeding ticket given to the wrong driver, despite a courtroom battle with four defense eyewitnesses, resulted in a $2,000 increase in insurance. Learn secrets of how other drivers talk their way out of 100-mph traffic tickets. Discover why drivers are murdered by police for using their brakes, while other drivers talk their way out of DUI and drug arrests with a dozen cops pointing guns at them. Learn what "contempt of cop" is and why it is the most serious "crime" any citizen can "commit."


The impending presidential election in November will perhaps result in either a "Democrat" or a "Republican" in the White House. Both of these nominees are "tough on crime" and "tough on 'drunk' drivers." Both are running campaigns that incite further repression and Prohibition on responsible citizens who enjoy the benifits of alcohol (and many other normal activites that even they enjoy). If either wins, we will have a Republican draft dodger arrested for cocaine addiction (governor George W. Bush) or a "Liberal" war killer who confessed to being a pot head and who's son was expelled from school for being a pot head (vice president Albert Gore, Jr.). Some might say this would be progress compared to having a "Liberal" presidential prosecuting attorney convicted for speeding who convicted his own brother for dealing cocaine, or the two previous adultering "Republican" presidents whose White House minions were convicted in the Iran-Contra guns for cocaine scandal. One of these Republicans was also arrested for DUI. Read about here, since this impeachment news in censored by our traditional newsmedia. Yet there is one pro-driver presidential candidate who will get at least 1-million votes, even without spending $100-million in corporate investment on newsmedia advertising ("legalized bribery" as Senator William Proxmire called it). The professional media routinely censors this world famous candidate for his decades long stance on motor vehicle safety. A consumer rights lawyer who dares to publicly announce that traffic law enforcement actually harms public safety. He even used the government's own scientific report to write that speeding is six times safer that driving the speed limit. Who is this masked man? Who would dare say such outlandish and "irresponsible" things? Surely that is election "news you can use?"


Nader and Author

The American highway system is as confusing and dangerous a minefield as its legal system. Yet our government censors essential driving skills from the public. As a result, most drivers cannot handle an emergency situation without panic. Panic is what makes animals freeze when staring at approaching headlights while crossing the road. Panic is no more useful for human drivers staring at an approaching "accidental" crash. Do you know all there is to know about motor vehicle safety and driving techniques? There are basic skills for preventing most accidents that anyone can master. As Green Party Y2K presidential candidate Ralph Nader pointed out 35 years ago in Unsafe at Any Speed—The Designed-in Dangers of the American Automobile, the actual causes of injury on the highway are defective government roads and flimsy vehicle "safety standards," not "nuts behind the wheel." As Nader admitted in a recent interview with this author, the Drink Driving War on drivers is dangerous since it deflects attention from the manufacturers of unsafe vehicles and from government irresponsibility in highway construction.


Author demonstrating safety for the British government. Don't try this at home kids.

A few professional driving tips can actually go a long way to saving millions of drivers from harm. This author also chauffeured the ultimate back seat drivers: Joan Claybrook, former head of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Ralph Nader, founder of Public Citizen (who fell asleep while "listening" to a federal judge groupie), to Nader's $15,000 per speech dinner parties. The author has survived both the speed-limitless German Autobahns and the 15% more dangerous American Interstate system for over a quarter century. This web site covers state of the art traffic safety. Much if this information is censored from the public, despite its origination from within the government's own traffic safety establishment. For example, did you know that front wheel drive vehicles have a nasty instability while cornering, especially in an emergency? Learn what it is and how to handle it here. Also discover why motorcycles and bicycles steer left to turn right, and vice versa. Drivers who commute by flying personal aircraft are taught every nauseating detail of that skill. Pilots love it. It's time for highway drivers to get the same courtesy.


Within these silicon pages you will find state of the art medical treatments for alcoholism, drug addiction, depression (which kills over 25,000 every year from suicide, and another 500,000 per year counting nicotine "addiction" and "alcoholism"), attention deficit and vision therapies (without surgery or lens crutches). Learn alternatives to medical malpractice which kills at least 180,000 every year (another 80,000 if alcoholism malpractice is included and a further 400,000 in nicotinism malpractice), and how to avoid the 110,000 annual deaths from ordinary use of prescription drugs, aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprophen. Learn the secret to avoiding "addiction" to prescription and non-prescription drugs plus how to use nutrition to increase the effectiveness of drugs. A concerned citizen can no more get medical cures from a typical doctor any more than one can get news you can use from typical "news" media. But curious folks can get the truth here, provided one has the guts and the intelligence to simply read words and look at pictures.


Learn a few of the 900 diseases caused by malnutrition, from birth defects to cancers, and how ordinary sports annually kill 100,000 athletes under the age of 30 (and why motorsports are the safest sports). Discover why refined sugar is more intoxicating than alcohol. Learn how the government bans the cure for alcoholism and depression, while collecting up to 90% tax on alcohol. Drugs and nutrition are both covered for both driver performance enhancement and for measurably raising "intelligence." Find out how managing depression is a key ingredient to "talking" one's way out of a traffic ticket or arrest, or in avoiding road rage from a cop. Fuck, you'll probably get laid more often with these scientific secrets. Get 'em while they're hot. And they're infinitely less deadly than Viagra. (Alcohol is the best fertility drug anyway.) As a bonus, learn how to cure heart attacks, strokes and gray hair, plus how to give yourself CPR while driving (for folks who don't follow the previous doctor's advice so they don't crash into innocent drivers).


© PETA @

Truthful medical explanation of alcohol and its real world biological effects are revealed. For example, did you know that every person's body naturally produces one ounce of alcohol every day? Did you know that drinking 24 beers a day can result in a blood alcohol level of 0.00%? It does, according to the 1999 Tennessee Driver Handbook and Driver License Study Guide. Learn why. Find out why a national organization went on college campuses with a slogan "Forget Milk, Get Beer," since beer is low fat and has no steroids while pasteurized milk helps kill over 200,000 every year with diabetes and tuberculosis. Discover why insane cops and prosecutors (so-called "Mad Mommies") killed this lifesaving public relations campaign. (One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Duh.) Discover why, from a medical point of view, alcohol lovers are warned to replace cow's milk and common soda drinks with soy milk and juice drinks. Read the scientific fact that alcohol is a stimulant, and why the government produces propaganda to brainwash the masses alleging that it's always a depressant (hint: billions of dollars a year are at stake). Also learn why, from a legal point of view, beer is definately not the alcohol of preference.


There are many things more deadly than a so-called drunk driver. There is no bullshit to be found here. I shall not blow sunshine up thy bum, as traditional news media is required to do in order to attract and retain profitable corporate advertisors. I shall work only for you. For free. (Temporarily, at least.)


Secrets of both "criminal" and civil law are described here in language that anyone can understand. Thousands of driving laws are distilled into easy to read pages. Fascinating real life stories are used to demistify legal jargon. Learn what cops are required to do before a traffic stop is legal. Learn why many if not most traffic stops are illegal. Learn why speeding is the only traffic "crime" that does not indicate drunk driving, and why speeding can be six times safer than driving the speed limit. Discover when a judge allows that speeding and other traffic "violations" are legal. Learn successful strategies for handling a traffic stop. Learn how the government has stripped drivers of their Miranda rights. Learn why it is impossible to pass a field sobriety test or blood-alcohol test. Discover why "only" 1,000 people are killed by drunk drivers per year, and how the government cheats on their calculations in order to bait and switch public safety. Learn the intricacies of the American "Justice" System. Learn the right way to shop for a winning lawyer, and discover creative finance methods for purchasing fairness and justice from American courts. Discover how to sue the government and police departments for false arrest and police brutality. Learn the details of motor vehicle product liability laws, and how to sue for damages after a serious crash. Learn the secret weapons needed to win in court. Learn how to purchase the best lie detector in the world for only $20. With personal success in a $1.5-million civil trial and in another multi million dollar class action lawsuit against local government plus other class action victories, this author is perfectly poised to reveal useful secrets of the legal lottery. Learn to protect yourself from "frivolous criminal prosecutions" and how to go on the offensive in civil court. After all, no one can be "too litigous" when defending themselves from theft, even when the thief is a corporation or government bureaucracy. Learn to think like a CEO or politician when it come to legal matters by immunizing yourself from elitist brainwashing.


Finally, learn the illegal scams that towing companies pull to steal money and steal cars (literally), often when legally parked, plus what you can do about it without having to pull a gun. For example, did you know that in most cases the law requires that three parking tickets be written in four hours before a car can legally be towed? Wrecking companies are not police agencies, though they often pretend to be. Learn from the pros how enraged drivers can profit from illegal towing.


As for police officers, in this author's personal experience, they are by far the worst drivers on the highway today. Car crashes are considered an exciting perk of the job. After "high-speed training" at 30 mph in a parking lot (if they are lucky), they are given virtual immunity from prosecution for traffic crimes and unleashed upon a docile public. I've witnessed a cop run a red light and kill the driver in front of me as he pulled out with a green light. I was nearly hit head-on by a cop 3-feet inside my lane. I was nearly run over from behind by a cop overtaking 2-feet inside my lane. I've witnessed a cop nearly hit another cop head-on as he drove over a hill. I got a ticket from a cop who's personnel file revealed he crashed his cop car into innocent bystanders five times in his five years as a cop. And he had no points on his driving license. He also recovered $80,000 from a burgler that was never returned to the crime victims. Case dismissed. I've witnessed 15 cops doing nothing for victims at a deadly crash scene, wasting 45 crucial minutes before an ambulance arrived. Cops are routinely convicted for drunk driving, drugged driving, hit and run and vehicular homicide. Cops are routinely convicted of robbery, car theft, rape and murder, both while off duty and while on duty making routine traffic stops and drunk driving arrests. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, suicide and domestic abuse are rampant in police ranks. Road rage by cops kills over 1,000 Americans every year, half of which are innocent bystanders. This is in addition to injuries and deaths caused by police cars distracting millions of fearful drivers every day. Many cop cars today are front wheel drive, which exposes police and the public to the nasty instability inherent in those defective products.


Police desperately require the professional advice available here. Basically, police work is a job for assholes. If one is not "asshole enough," he or she gets labeled "mouse meat" (or an equally derogatory term) and given a desk job (if "lucky"), or perhaps run off or fired for failing to meet the illegal ticket and arrest quotas (i.e., fired for failing to become a criminal). "Honest" cops require tips in dealing with a corrupt bureaucracy without being punished, demoted, terrorized or murdered by other cops. Three such cop by cop killings from Knoxville, Tennessee, are described here. Can you help solve these "unsolved" mysteries? Can you help break the deadly car theft and drug ring operated by crooked cops and their patrons in local, county and state government? Be careful though, remember that NYPD detective Frank Serpico got a bullet in the head for his honesty, but he also got a Hollywood movie and got rich. Ninety percent of cops are either crooks or pussies, according to Detective Serpico, while cop hunting is the most manly of the hunting sports. Internal Affairs detectives and television journalists reveal their secrets for cop hunting here. (Don't worry, you won't get into trouble for just reading about it, and it sure as hell will motivate you to stand up for your legal rights with a clear conscience, if you ever need to do so in a court of "law." Outrage is an excellent eliminator of fear.)


This author has personally investigated and reported drunk driving crimes—to include fatalities—commited by government officials and covered up by police agencies. Some of these cases are still ongoing and are reported here in detail using court transcripts and other tools of investigative journalism, such the case of Tennessee naming a highway after a state senator convicted in a fatal hit and run crash. Read the Top Secret $1.5-million case file. Or read about the author's investigation that resulted in prosecution and double conviction of one of the US Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) hit men -- a drug-dealing serial killer "informant" with multiple DWI deaths on his conscience who gets a paycheck courtesy of us, the taxpayers. Death threats, bullet holes, arson threats, car theft, police harassment and a $1,500 parking "ticket" are the author's reward. As a professional legal investigator in civil wrongful-death cases and as a military veteran with battle experience, such "combat journalism" is routine for this author.


Police vice is exacerbated by illegal ticket and arrest quotas rolled down from superior bureaucrats and politicians. Instead of spending the citizens' 50% total tax rate on legitimate police expences, mayors, county executives and governors waste money on unneeded construction projects. These projects profit their campaign contributors by 30%, or in the following example, a National Sheriff of the Year (and an alleged car thief and conspirator to cop killings). On a $100-million project, that's over $30-million of redistributed wealth (typical taxpayer cost for a new jail, to replace two abandoned jails). This fraud forces police agencies to be "self supporting," as legislators write in their endless laws. Does this criminal conspiracy really take place? Read the stolen police commander emails and decide for yourself. "Tax and spend" takes on a whole new meaning when it involves the prison-industrial complex. Throwing monkey wrenches into such government scams is a favorite pastime of this author, and that particular project is now on hold (after the demolition of thriving businesses and parking lots and the waste of millions of dollars). Learn here how to derail similar corruption, and possibly how to earn a paycheck from it.


Corrupt police, bureaucrats and politicians comprehend the absurdity of alcohol Prohibition laws. That's why they cheat during prosecutions and why they cheat after they commit their own alcohol crimes. Learn how to spot criminals in uniform and drunken traffic court judges, before getting a conviction from these individuals. An intelligent driver will seek out the facts, no matter how frightening those facts may be, especially when offered a simple roadmap to success. An uninformed driver is like dreamer who "awakens" in a nightmare, finding one's self playing in a football game for The Championship, yet without any team, no rule book, and confronted with referees who are only paid with the dreamer's defeat. Think of this web site as a driving coach. A coach capable of leveling the playing field for you, which is a major improvement.


Congratulations. By getting this far you have proved yourself a member of the elite cadre of intelligent, literate, computer savvy, open minded and gutsy drivers with a healthy sense of humor and relative absense of prudishness. You will certainly go far in life, and have a good time doing it. You are probably already an above average driver who cares about being "responsibile." The purpose of this site is to help you become even better.

This web site is no joke (although it does have the best motor vehicle jokes on the internet). In fact, it is deadly serious. If you would like to know more, for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, then read on. Learn the art of intellectual self defense from a world-renowned college professor. Immunize yourself from media, corporate and governmental propaganda with behind the scenes selling secrets from a $2,000 a week car salesman. Defend yourself with investigative tips from numerous lawyers and from professional legal investigators. There is no censorship on this web site for citizens of any age, as specifically demanded in Article V of the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, and in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Literally millions of lives can be saved with this information. Perhaps one of them may be yours?


Why pay $5,000 (or much, much more) for a Prohibition faux pau when Big Brother's already deep in your pockets with an average 50% total tax rate, and is snooping through your closets for other prohibited "vices." Dare to think for yourself, and dare to discover the secrets of America's current alcohol Prohibition War. Go ahead. Plug into the free knowledge temporarily available right here under your fingertips. It's just a little electricity circling the globe at the speed of light. Have fun with it. Go ahead. You know you want to. Just do it.


DARE cop to 8th grade class, Creal Springs, Illinois, 1994:
Kids, this is what happens to you after one beer, blah, blah, blah.
Kids, this is what happens to you after two beers, blah, blah, blah.
Kids, this is what happens to you after ten beers, blah, blah, blah.
Kids, this is what happens to you after 25 beers, you pass out and die.

Paul "Beavis and Butthead" Pace, 8th grader, blurts out:
I guess that's why they only put 24 beers in a case!
--retold by Sara A., Pellissippi State Technical Community College, TN, 8th grade eyewitness


Anyone towed for parking in Knoxville, TN.
Especially when legally parked.
Law requires 3 tickets in 4 hours before towing.
"Set down fees" for legally parked cars are illegal.
Email the webmaster.


Due to the popularity of this information, my websites are all crashing from lack of bandwidth. When one link is shut down, please click on another link until the first one is back on line (usually within one hour). You may also make a financial contribution to asist us in providing this information to the public and expanding our websites' bandwidth and producing local TV and radio shows. We are also involved in several class action lawsuits against local Skull & Bone politicians, their police and their Mafia-connected contractors that operate a world-wide $40-Billion/year cartel for garbage, tow-trucking and car theft, fighting a "The Firm" operated by Bush's ambassador to Japan, Howard Baker, former White House chief of staff during Iran-Contra and Watergate Committee damage control as a US senator. Also, please download our websites to your computer in case we are eliminated from broadcasting by whatever method, so that you may use this legal information for your own protection (per 17 USC §107, all other rights reserved). Thank you for your dedication to fighting to save the United States of America.

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