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A Remix of the Jamie Shaw track 'when you believe' is out , as well as a track on the forthcoming Fem@il album that Phil has mixed. Apart from that Phil has projects like doing a new kind of Euro act on the boil , as well as doing more rock (like Green Day) as part of a band in the US...


Phil thinks that his best creative work was on 'Stay Another Day' by East 17. He says that the demo tape was totally different from the final work, and that he with Ian did a lot of creation on this track, moreover they did not expect to get a number 1 with this !


Should be Divine 'You Think You're A Man'. Pete Waterman at that time, wanted us to do 12" mixes first, so we did the radio version from the 12", and I think I did a good job on that one. We wanted to have the loudest record possible, and I think that it is what we get when I cut the record. A great song !


My favorite work was with BASIA, I like the albums, this is the kind of sound I like, I like what Basia did, she was very popular in the US, more than Europe. Some DJs even told me how much they liked the Remixes I did for her, although she was not particularly into remixes…

Did you know that Phil Harding & Ian Curnow did everything on Deuce tracks ?

Did you know that a few years ago, Phil & Ian did a few tracks for an artist called Amber (not the US singer we know), the style was the William Orbit style on the Madonna album 'Ray of light', unfortunately no promos were made and the project went to the trap due to Amber manager. It is only after that they realised that what William Orbit did was what Phil & Ian did in a kind of way !

Blue August Records, as well as Blue August Productions was Phil Harding's label together with John Mcdonald.