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BY Tom Smith (QIM) (

Definition of Masculism: A men’s movement ideology that advocates for the abolition of political and cultural assumptions of equality between sexes. A realistic approach to sex differences that attempts to identify those differences and how they are best expressed in the social and political melieu. Supports the establishment of a modern partriarchy and assumes that we are now living in a matriarchy.


Elimination of discrimination based on sex in the civil rights act of 1964.

Assumption of Father’s Custody instead of Mother’s Custody.   Father's custody will help reduce the divorce rate while encouraging a positive view of men.  Also ending provisions supported by government for child support and instead replacing it with the government "safety net".

An end to drug and substance laws which victimize men. Increase in government support for rehabilitating substance abusers.   Support of a government sponsored war to improve men's health.

Expansion of social programs and the transformation of them using masculist approaches. 

Re-masculinization of the military.

Encouragement of the use of Facilitated Communication (FC) for people with autism, four out of five of which are male.  FC is presently banned in most places which effectively muzzles men with autism.

Criminal justice laws to be liberalized to end unnescessary long sentences and provide humane prisons and rehabilitative programs.  Added legal protections to avoid innocent people being accused and prosecuted for sex offenses.

Support for the legal freedom to express religious sentiments and knowledge in public forums within the spirit of the Constitution.

The elimination of feminist laws and programs of the past thirty years.

The abolition of abortion.



An Outline For Masculism

Masculism Outline

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Position Statement

August 21, 2001

By Tom Smith (QIM)

In the Fall of '99 I published and discussed on all the major men's forums the "Masculist Manifesto" (

It is a statement of the political objectives of Masculism.

Now it's time to present a proposal for a comprehensive view of Masculism, not just it's political objectives. Since the publishing of the Manifesto, and I suggest because of it, there is more discussion of masculism and people calling themselves "Masculist" on the net. It's time to clarify Masculism.

Masculism isn't feminism in pants. The only thing in common with feminism is that it's an ideology (defined: "The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class or culture"). An "ideology" for men is long overdue.



Men have a more pronounced spirituality which has caused them to create religions which in turn has led to creating civilizations. This is a fact of history and a great pride of men that shouldn't be demeaned or ignored by society. Masculism therefore acknowledges and respects religion as critical to many men's lives.


Anyone advocating men's interests in the political realm is a "Masculist" if he fulfills the goal of destroying feminism (mandated sexual equality), serves to promote men and conforms to addressing justice and fairness issues for men and their families.


Masculism promotes the psychological interests of men, meaning that men's masculine nature is encouraged to be studied, expressed, and for society to make the necessary adjustments for men to live full masculine lives. "Social construction" theories (feminist theory) in the social sciences are to be resisted. Special attention needs to be given to all media to promote a masculist view of men and encourage a more critical examination of women. Thirty years of feminism has produced a white washing of women in the media and a demonization of men and masculinity.


A cultural goal is to establish a linkage to the different classes of men. Presently we live in a modified matriarchy where women represent the lower classes of men and are co-power brokers with the corporate class of men. Men need to assume the "co-power broker" function.


An arrangement will need to be worked out between the lower classes of men and the controlling economic interests as embodied in the corporate male elite. The latter presently support and endorse feminism because it has been in their economic interests. Masculism supports free enterprise, but also sees social programs as desirable regulatory mechanisms, much as we now have for our economic and other interests. A healthy free enterprise system is a prerequisite for effective social programs and therefore social programs should not overburden those systems. Masculism endorses remedial use of social programs and governemnt policies to correct the civil rights and economic injustices to men under thirty years of feminism.


Men and women aren't LEGALLY equal. To be "legally" equal requires that sex differences be no greater than racial differences. This linkage of racism to sexism is the slight of hand that feminism has used to obscure the truth. The difference between the sexes are much greater than that between the races, and cannot be "socially constructed" out of existence, nor can they be made equal by laws. The posture of "mandating sexual equality" has skewed the whole population away from honestly dealing with sex differences and has resulted in a deteriorating realationship between the sexes. A primary goal of Masculism is to repeal all laws mandating sexual equality, which will also eliminate the corrosive effects of feminist advocacy on the population. Egalitarianism is another matter and Masculism encourages a further develpment of egalitarianism. Understanding sex differences is critical for every aspect of life and should be studied and government policies should conform to what we learn.

Tom Smith (QIM)

The American Union of Men (AUM)


Part III: Masculist Economics


Opportunity for Women

Masculism supports opportunity for women. This idea is critical not only for practical reasons, but because it is based on the profound spiritual experience I had in the early nineties as delineated in my book "QIM Tunes". All masculist governmental policies are not to interfere with women's opportunities, but neither will masculism support any legislated "forced equality" for women.

Men and the Public Sector

With the repeal of sexual equality laws (a crtical element in masculism) the full weight of government policy will be brought on the issue of male opportunity, meaning that hiring and contracts will require at least as many men hired as women. Under feminism the government has become a huge job program for women and this has to end. Using government contracts will also help encourage the hiring of men in the private sector.

Tax Policy

Tax policy will be used to compensate men for their greater general contributions to society through innovation and a myriad of other talents from men that societies throughout history have depended on for progress. It also acknowledges and makes room for inequalities in family life that require men to carry a large part of the economic burdens for marriage and family. If women want opportunity, they will need to get it at a price. I envision taxes being comenserately more for women, especially as they go up the pay scale. In this way we can maintain opportunity for women while the society is adequately compensated for their participation. Conversely, men will pay much less in taxes, especially those in the lower earning brackets, with the poorest recieving a "stipend" from the government.

Men in Poverty

Masculism supports capitalism, but a social democratic form of capitalism of a masculist nature. The helping and teaching professions need to have at least an equal amount of male workers, and with the stipend mentioned above for poorer male workers, this becomes a more attractive alternative for men.


I propose one other economic innovation for men and that is all male unions that advocate for their male workers in areas of opportunity, working conditions vis a vis women and in general tax policies as they effect men. I see this as a new construct that also complements and works with the present union system. It is to reinforce the "opposition party", whether that is the democratic party or another party in oppositon to the present majority republican party, the latter of which I suspect will advocate the interests of women and the corporate elite as they presently do.


The other non economic areas of American Life are well covered for both sexes through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Other specific areas of Masculist advocacy and approach are covered in the first two parts of the Masculist Triology...the Manifesto and Outline.


Tom Smith

The American Union of Men (AUM)