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Click to go to picture gallery NOW... The funeral and 1st death anniversary prayer reception have many social, psychological and spiritual dimensions. Funerals provide a setting for the bereaved to come together with friends and relatives to respond to the death of a loved one.

Within the structure of the funeral and 1st death anniversary prayer reception, the bereaved share in services and ceremonies that put life and loss in perspective. They acknowledge the death, tell the stories, regain a sense of community and offer support to each other. The funeral can be the first step to recovering from grief. There are many service options available to memorialize a loved one.

Choosing cremation does not prevent a family and friends from participating in the ceremonies of a traditional funeral. Cremation does not mean that a family will not be able to participate in rituals that are part of their family tradition or custom. Selecting cremation is merely selecting a method of disposition just like burial, entombment or making an anatomical gift.

There are several options for disposition of the cremated remains of a loved one. They include burial in a grave, inurnment in a columbarium, entombment, scattering (on land or at sea) or other respectful means of memorialization.

For Mama, Cesaria Hebron Edrada, her cremated remains had been entombed in the Project 6 chapel so that it shall be easy for family and loved ones to honor her and pay respect to her memory.

These are some of the pictures you'll see:
  • "Last day in Project 6, departing for the airport"
  • "First day in Project 6, lots of kids"
  • "Pol and Shirley Eclevia family"
  • "Sonny and Luisa's kids, Claire, Joy, et al"
  • "Elvie with Maricel and kids"
  • "Mely, Marie and Ruth's kids"
  • "Priest led prayer/blessing in the vaults"
  • "Mama's bereaved offspring: Resty, Shirley, Offie, Elvie, Mely"
  • "Pretty girls: Cel, Salve, Ruth, Joy"
  • "Mama's goodlooking grandchildren"
  • "Offie with Josephine's offspring Bona and Paul"
  • "Mama's altar in PADASAL in San DIego, California"
  • "Before PASIYAM prayers in Escondido home in California"
  • "Some of the San Diego relatives on May 2006 PASIYAM"