Suburban Crabgrass Tragedy Blues

This release is dedicated to all the Yuppy Suburbanites. They have suffered untold hardships in what appear to be ideal middle class surroundings. This CD offers a brief glimps into the houses and basements of the urbanly challenged. 11 tracks of pure suburban soul bearing. Every time I listen to "Mock Colonial Village" I get choked up. This one really hits home.
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1 Suburban Crabgrass Tragedy 4:50
2 C.R.S 7:16
3 Cyan Serenade 4:10
4 I Do It Wrong 4:02
5 Shopping Blues 6:28
6 All Hands Meat Teens 5:23
7 Corporate Nazi 9:14
8 Qualithon Buffet 2:14
9 Wrong University Blues 2:43
10 Demon Tobac 4:29
11 I am not a Vitch 2:13