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Fall Semester 1998
Instructor: Tracey Besmark

Course Description

The primary purpose of this course is to help you develop strategies for a variety of academic writing and, perhaps more importantly, to help you develop critical thinking skills. You will read in a variety of controversial issues and eventually develop, research and write an argumentative research paper. You will continue to practice the writing process you learned in English 101, which emphasized audience, purpose, and process (planning, drafting, revising, and editing). English 102 adds distinct elements to this writing by process, using research more formally and writing about more complex ideas for academic audiences.


You will be introduced to several types of academic writing: paraphrasing, summary, and bibliographies through shorter writing assignments. You will also learn, through readings and essays:

*the importance of precise word skills
*to develop your critical reading and thinking skills
*how to objectively evaluate
*to do basic field research
*how to do library research and incorporate that research into argumentative writing
*how to construct an argumentative paper that is *how to support your claims and to document sources formally (MLA or APA style).

Course Components

English 102
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