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Tracey Besmark

Job Description

I am an English instructor at Southern Vermont College in Bennington, Vermont. As of Fall 98, this is my first semester at this new job. I was living in Ashland, Kentucky for the past seven years and teaching English and journalism at Ashland Community College. This past summer, I moved to White Creek, New York, with my two cats and two dogs to be with my partner, Emery. So far, I really love living in this part of the country.

I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy most of all working with the students, and in particular, the non-traditional students (over age 25) who have often overcome incredible personal obstacles to attend college and make better lives for themselves and their families. They constantly inspire me.


I am a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I attended (no kidding) Moon Sr. High School before moving to Athens, Ohio, where I lived for seven years attending college and graduate school. My mother and stepdad still live in the Pittsburgh area, although my father sadly passed away a year and a half ago.

Other Professional Interests

In addition to my full-time teaching load, I also do feature writing and editing. I wrote for Valley Magazine (in Kentucky) and edited books for the Jesse Stuart Foundation in Ashland. I also write poetry and design web pages as well as doing some spiritual healing work on the side. Six months ago, I took up guitar, and that has become one of my new passions. I bought a Martin and took a class and have begun to even write a few songs!