Stamp Related Web Graphics
As I mentioned on the home page, I am a web designer. My business is called "AZ Web Design". Nearly all the graphics on this site are ones I custom designed for this site. I have decided to sell stamp backgrounds for web sites. Because of copyright laws, I can only make copies of U.S. stamps issued before 1972. If you would like a custom made stamp background for your web site, please email me. After you receive my address, you will need to send a 3.5 inch floppy disk, five dollars (checks should be made out to Tim Odom), the stamps you would like on the background (mint are preffered because they come out better on scans), and a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with the proper postage. I will return the disk and stamps in your envelope. If you want valuable stamps on the background, a color photocopy should be sent rather than the originals. I will also be willing to trade these backgrounds for stamps or covers on my wantlists. Thank you.

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