What's Happening
Thanks to all attended the last Karaoke night even though it was a bust, Santas came to say hi.  There is no karaoke night in the distant future (unless upon request). I do have plans for a talent show. I'll keep you posted, and let you know a few weeks ahead of time.  I know that we are all sad to see that Mohammad has left us and we will no longer have the privledge of hearing him sing.  Peace out bro!  In production now is the Robby Hurt Windows Desktop Theme, stay tuned for the ultimate in themes.  My roomate has also created a web page, and I think he's gotten addicted to it. I find it amazing that he can still bitch about not gettin any work when he has time to work on his web page.  Send in your letters and such or post a message. Later! 
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