The Great Superman Story
One stressfull day on the Engeneering floor of Tower B in Warren Towers, two college students started playing with their toys.  What they didn't expect was for this to happen!:
Jarred: Hey Robby, wanna play Superman  vs. Buzzlighter year again?
Robby: Sure, but I got Buzz this time     cowboy!
...So Jarred and Robby played with their toys.  They had the grandest time.  Superman vs. Buzzlight year, who could think of a better matchup ?  Hours and hours went by, untill something strange started happening.....
...these plastic toys came to life and some form of malevolence came over them. They killed Robby and Jarred and ran off down the hallway on their own! Lord only knows what two crazed toys running a muck can do!