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Hello and welcome to my site!  My name is Randy, or Dad, or Grampy, or several other names which I should not publish!  I am a father of 3 grown children and a grandfather of two wonderful young-uns.  I live in New Brunswick, Canada with my wife, Karen.  This is my first attempt at a web page, so bear with me while we see what transpires.
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I have several hobbies and interests, including bird carving, hunting, fishing, hiking (I'm an outdoors person) fixing things around the house and vehicles (jack of all trades and master of none!) and of course my family.
That brings me to the theme of this site--to help you find resources to help you start and develop your own home-based business.  So, with that in mind, why not visit my newest site and find out just what mlm/affiliate programs are all about.

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