Thursday August 20th 2009

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Tuesday February 17th 2009

The Oppressed / The Prowlers
Live in Toronto - 4.30. 05

BROTHERHOOD is the official video of the legendary one-off North American performance of THE OPPRESSED, supported by Montreal's top ranking skinhead band, THE PROWLERS. These two powerhouse acts give it their all at a party weekend in Toronto to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Insurgence Records.

The performance was shot with three cameras and recorded live off the deck. Both sets are presented here intact, including never-before released tracks from both bands.

If you weren't one of the many die-hards that trekked across the continent to attend this show, you won't have to live out the rest of your life in total regret.
This DVD will make it seem like you were there, minus the booze and aggression!

Head over to the
INSURGENCE RECORDS website to order.
Tuesday January 27th 2009

Two new videos from the REAZIONE show this past November are up in the
Multimedia section, under "music videos". Check 'em out!
Wednesday January 21st 2009

New web article on RASH-NYC actvities is posted - WHAT WE DO - from RASH-NYC. Check it out in the
Knowledge section.
Thursday January 1st 2009

Comrades from TEXAS RASH have launched their website -
Not only that, but they've been producing some sick t-shirts (see below) and music samplers as well. Hmm, we may have to start one-upping them in the merchandise department! Stay tuned!
Thursday January 1st 2009

Reazione blew shit away the weekend of November 15th----- All the bands (Thought Crime, The Krays, Rabia and On The Attack from Philly) represented HARD. There was a good turnout, especially for a real rebel underground show. At least 150 people showed up for the event. Everything ran smooth as glass.

This is the  that comes from being part of a world class skinhead crew (RASH-Northeast). Havin' a laugh and havin' a say! Puttin' your money where your mouth is.

Too many motherfuckers are about the fashion and not the ideas. Too many folks are about the fashion and BAD IDEAS. Here in the Northeast (especially NYC and Philly) we are about giving a voice to the sussed kids- black, white and Latino, punks, skins, mods and whatever.

Wednesday October 29th 2008

RASH Northeast-affiliate Stay True NYC is hosting the Italian anti-racist punk band
REAZIONE in Brooklyn, NYC this November. You can be sure this is going to be a blowout event! Be sure not to miss this all-ages show, November 15th. Mark your calendar!

Tuesday October 28th 2008

RASH skinheads along with some supporters have started to build a strong and progressive crew in the northeast area .
This week RASH has been hitting the streets of Philadelphia with our new anti-racist music sampler :

Without a negative response, we've been approached throughout the week by a good number of young people asking for more information about us and what we do.

We look forward to seeing you in any of the northeast cities and we appreciate your support!