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A Journal for Western Man:  Issue II
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Historical Analysis
Anti-Imperialism: The Smear Campaign Against Western Values:
September 2, 2002:
The term "imperialism" has been poisoned, misapplied, and desecrated by the academic left. This essay by G. Stolyarov II attempts to undermine the enemies of U.S. expansion at their root.
A Tribute to Goethe:
September 2, 2002:
A biography and ideological analysis by G. Stolyarov II of a magnificent dilletante, a poet, scientist, journalist, dramatist, novelist, and Enlightenment thinker who was an integral father of the Western legacy.
An Essay on the Fallacies of Semantic Feminism:
September 3, 2002:
Learn of the irrationalist and totalitarian movements that censor man's freedom to say "man" in this work by G. Stolyarov II.
The Runner's Ambition:
September 2, 2002:
What do independent jogging and Western prosperity have in common? Read this essay by Edmund Daleford to find out.
No Tolerance:
September 2, 2002:
Schools today are notorious for draconian punishments and paranoid fears in every area. This poetic satire by G. Stolyarov II explores the issue and the motivations behind it.
The Bleeding Hearts' Hypocrisy:
September 3, 2002:
Some men who proclaim their disdain for violence nevertheless are the champions of its initiators. Read about this ghastly paradigm in G. Stolyarov II's poem.
The Right of Self:
September 2, 2002:
Read this manifesto extolling rational selfishness and the fruits of its practice by G. Stolyarov II.
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