The Rational Argumentator
A Journal for Western Man-- Issue II
                                                        The Right of Self
G. Stolyarov II

Friends! Rise! Where are you! Speak!
Which ones clandestinely salvation seek
Against the mob, against the herd?
Collectivists would silence your own word,
But your own power truly can deny but you,
So tribalists do your perceptions skew,
And stuff suicidal dogmas into thought.
For what?
To wisdom turn to naught.

They silence free speech under petty guise
That men from it obtain surprise.
But if you wish to state your mind,
Then you, a member of mankind,
Should have capacity and right to say
A claim, and to it men by discourse sway.

Do ponder this; which claims have been your own,
Not hate-filled rhetoric that had dread dogma shown?
What do you think? I wish to know.
Fall out of line! Depart from row!
Become your own men, as you should,
Morality is individual good.

Death, sacrifice, and nihilism, are all the same.
They mandate fear, mysticism, shame,
And acts for one's own benefit deter.
Extinction and oblivion they would prefer.

But, friends, is it not joy to rise,
Each day to open one's own eyes,
Beauty to fathom, knowledge to obtain,
Glory to seek, and obsequy disdain?

In every alley, house, and park,
Man combats Chaos' forces dark.
The trees, the animals, would be today nowhere
Had it not been for mankind's tender care!

Technology, Life, Self, are all allied
In that they've sacrifice and doom defied,
And acted for the universal best:

That I am free, and you, and all the rest.

Rise, friends, totalitarianism destroy!
Destruct repression's wicked ploy!
The crowd mentality once and for all dissolve
And through the self do many problems solve.
G. Stolyarov II is a science fiction novelist, independent philosophical essayist, poet, contributor to Enter Stage Right Internet Magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator. He can be contacted at