The Rational Argumentator
A Journal for Western Man
                                                     Please Help Us All, West
G. Stolyarov II

I ask, reject “political correctness'" hate,
That doth our Western legacies eliminate.

The leftists state, in base hypocrisy,
"No culture we must shun."
Except, that is,
what hinders their bureaucracy,
Our very own, the Western one.

They nourish orders from the Age of Stone,
Of poverty, stagnation, persecution, lack,
While against ours their clubs do hone,
And arsenals of slander stack.

What hath self-interest of all promoted,
Hath science, art, and diligence applied?
What hath been by many peoples voted
The ideology with which they have identified?

How many persons from across the globe
Flock to the west for life and gold?
Then, what is leftism's dread microbe
That hath but tyranny extolled?

How oft doth a Somali cry,
"United States! Come, halt the war,
So that my children no more die,
And have prosperity in store!"

How many times an Afghan man doth state,
"Come, free me from fanatics' chains!
I wish no more to be a slave to fate,
But rather to grip firmly my life's reins!"

How frequently a Rwandan youth doth plead,
"Europe! West! Hope! Preserve thy ailing child!
Without thy wisdom hath been much an evil deed,
Committed by man-haters who have life defiled!"

Why's it that individual no longer is of matter?!
In whose control is such a paradigm?!
Only the pro-extinction radicals support the latter,
To tumble down and not the slope to climb.

They have our schools, our offices, our press,
Which spread dogmas of the retrograde.
They do a stranglehold on Europe, West, and Hope possess,
But, still, we have not yet decayed!

The time is ample yet that we repel the tide.
Let what they've shunned be spread and glorified!
G. Stolyarov II is a science fiction novelist, independent philosophical essayist, poet, contributor to Enter Stage Right Internet magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator. He can be contacted at