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This is the Beginning stages of the Roeder Family history!

This is My Great Grandfather and Grandmother.
John William Roeder and Minnie Lee Rowe/Roeder
This page is being dedicated to them.
Although I never got to meet my Great Grandmother Minnie, I did
have the privilege of knowing my Great Grandfather "John Roeder"
for a short time. Somehow I feel their presence and I know in
in my heart that one day they will welcome me home and into their arms.

John William Roeder Birth: 6/24/1870__Death: 6/23/1966
Minnie Lee Rowe/Roeder Birth: 11/9/1873_Death: 1/02/1945

This is the legacy they left behind.

John Christian Roeder#1 imigrated to the United States with his wife and children from Germany. John Roeder #2 was born during the voyage to America. When John became of age he entered into the Union Army during the Civil War. He later met and married Hannah Ann Blanchard on ____________In Evansville Indiana. Hanna was the daughter of Samual Blanchard and Sara Young. Together they had four children. Phillip Henry, Samual Christopher, Mary Ann, and John William Roeder #3 (my Great Grandfather). John William being born on June 24th, 1870 in Connesville, Illinois. Mary Ann died at the age of sixteen. When John was yet a baby, the family moved to Sullivan, Indiana. And at the age of two years old he lost his father to pheumonia. Hannah remarried when John William was four years old to Karl Kramer. At one point and time the family had moved from Indiana to Tennessee and back to Indiana. They had four more children. Willis, Carl, Nellie and Clara. Willis and Carl died at young ages. Willis died in his twenties and Carl at the age of thirty. Christopher and Henry lived into their Eighties. Nellie and Clara were in their Nineties. My Great Grandfather John William died on the day before his 96th birthday on 6/23/1966.

John met and married Minnie Lee Rowe on Aug. 27th, 1891 in Ohio County Kentucky. After the birth of their first child (Carrie) in 1892 they moved to Render Kentucky. After five children, John and Minnie bought a farm and built their own home. The house was finished in 1901. In 1902 Minnie gave birth to another child, Nell Lois. They had a total of ten children. Carrie-8/18/1904-1982, Lee Roy-4/10/1900-6/26/1986, Willie-6/16/1893-7/1973, Jessie-11/5/1895, Nell Lois-2/13/1902, Ellis-8/29/1907-6/5/1973, George William-4/28/1898-7/1974, Cecil-5/28/1908-11/8/1992, Edna Ethel and, AnnaBelle-3/8/1908-5/1991.

Minnie Lee Rowe was the daughter of George W. Rowe Born: 1/12/1835-6/7/1907 and Mizella Melton/Rowe Born: 3/25/1851-7/4/1933. She was the great grand daughter to Braxton Rowe Born: 12/20/1811 and Anna Bishop Born: 3/7/1814 in Ohio County Kentucky.

The Ohio County News, Hartford Kentucky, August 27, 1934
Roeder Family Reunion/Picture taken August 19, 1934.
John William Roeder family/children/grandchildren and inlaws.

Left to right, first row; Pal Stevens, Lennie Barnard, Clifford Roeder, Merle Roeder, Norma Wary ,
Johnson, Louise Roeder, Rossie Barnard, Thelma Burden, J.C. Stevens.

Second Row; Ethel Francis Roeder, Mildred Lois Roeder, Nellie Mae Roeder (George W. Roeder's wife), holding
Doris Marlene Roeder, Roy Roeder, Carlos Roeder (kneeling),Ethel Roeder/Stevens
(holding Billie Jo Basham), John William Roeder (holding Dorothy Jean Lipham, Annabelle roeder/Johnson
(holding ____?), Minnie Lee Rowe/Roeder with Faye roeder and Lorene Roeder, Willis Roeder.

Third row; Buelah (Roy's wife) and their baby, Carl Basham,Imogene Martin Basham, Nell Roeder Lipham, Emma Lee
Stevens, Alma Roeder Johnson, Alma (Ellis' Roeder's wife), Elis Roeder,
Carrie Roeder Burden, ____?, George William Roeder(Bill), Mattie Roeder (Cecil Roeder's wife) holding Betty Lou, _____?.

Fourth row; Tommy Johnston (Annabelles husband), Cecil Roeder, Otis Roeder Martin, _____?,
Emerson Stevens, Estil Johnson, ______? Not in picture, Jo Ann Stevens, and Nell Stevens
who had the chicken pox.

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