The Lost Generation

First Appearance: Marvel: The Lost Generation #12 (March 2000).
Appearances: Marvel: The Lost Generation #12-1.
Years Active: 1960s-1980s.

The Lost Generation is that group of heroes and villains who were active in the years before Reed Richards and his best friend, wife, and brother-in-law stole a rocket, were exposed to cosmic rays, and turned into the Fantastic Four. Their adventures have only recently been revealed, and only a few of their stories have been told, but we do know that they were active for the space of a few decades and that most of them died while successfully defending Earth against an "advance squadron of Skrull battle cruisers."

The Lost Generation were:

Several of the characters seen so far in The Lost Generation are unnamed and little more than cameos. I hope we will get more information about these characters eventually. They are, in order of appearance: Useful Lost Generation Sites

Marvel: The Lost Generation. A very good site by Richard Porter encompassing not just The Lost Generation characters but also other pre-FF #1 characters, both heroic and villainous. It's a good complement to my own Pre-FF #1 site, and I recommend it.

Lost Generation Roster Book. A game-oriented site which nicely summarizes the major Lost Generation characters.

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