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Rats make wonderful pets!  Explore our site and you will find out why.

I am the proud Mom of 4 human babies, 3 doggy babies and 7 rattie babies. It all started when my daughter spent the night at a friend's house.  When I arrived to pick her up the next day, I was introduced to her friend's pet rat.  My daughter and her friend were actually hoping to scare me with the rat.  But I surprised them both when I said: "Oh, what an adorable rat!  Can I pet her?" 
Of course my daughter took advantage of my love for all things cute and furry by asking for a rat of her own.  Soon after we got our first two rats (because you can't get just one) we discovered we were suffering from a syndrome known as GMR (Get More Rats)! The rest, as they say is history ~( 8:>

Please take a few minutes to view the photos of our ratties in the
photo gallery.  And if you have the time, please read the wonderful report that my daughter wrote for school titled Rats Rule!

I am in the process of collecting
links to some great rattie resources on the internet.
Please check back again soon.

Rattie Mom ~( 8:> 
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