Tobarath's Passage

The launch made it's passage silently across the water as it headed toward the ship. Their mission accomplished, four silent figures crouched low and kept themselves within their dark robes. They had but a few hundred yards more to cover, and should the moon keep silent, they would make it. All aboard were tense, waiting to hear the bell toll which would announce their visit had not gone unnoticed.

The sound never came.

As they reached starboard, a ladder and lift lines were lowered to them. Each in turn came aboard and all remained silent. The launch was stowed as the rigging was set to sail. Soon, the ship was underway, and the silence slowly lifted.

"Gods be praised Captain, good to have you at the helm again."

"Aye, that was a close one, but I knew you would come for me, such loyal and loving crew I have. Now, get to work, we have to put many leagues behind us if we are to remain free."

"Aye captain, The men would fall at Tobarath's command, just as sure as they would fight, and flee."

"With all said and done, the Captain retired to his quarters to log the events.

Sabarth 14th, 2034

My crew came to my aid just in time. The war is beginning, and it may be the end for everyone. Thinking me a pirate, I was incarcerated and sentenced to be hung. Now it is assured that my crew will fall with the rope as well. Will there be no end to the madness?

I have given orders to set sail for the deep. The shallows do not provide the room we need should maneuverability become an issue. Should things go well, we shall be free come midday. Three days hence, with wind, we shall arrive at Kelsarian City. Perhaps there, some answers will be found, and some help find the Oracle

All is not entirely lost. If it is, there is not a soul that will save us.

And so it was written, but that was not the beginning, merely a new path in the line...

The vessel arrived at Kelsarian City on Quagetres 19
th, 2034. Only one crew member remained. His hands had been tied to the wheel, the weather and birds left little. His chest held the last entry in Tobarath's Log, Sabarth 14th, 2034. Two moon cycles ago.

So, the race for the Oracle had started, with 2 cycles to the leader.