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// 02-10-2008

The Elder Son

You can check the trailer of "The Elder Son", filmed in 2006 by Shane and also never seen before pics from a portrait session at the Quay Grand Hotel, Circular Quay from October of 2002 in Sydney, Australia.
There's also rumours that Shane may be part of the cast of "Kerosene Cowboys", based on a novel by Randy Arrington, alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Cam Gigandet.

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What's new

ER was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview. There's not a special mention to the Reela storyline, but our Roomies are part of ER's Dream Team.
Where Ray was mentioned was in TV Guide:

Even for ER, the send-off of rock-and-roll doc Ray Barnett (Shane West) a couple of seasons back was disquieting (and this in a show that dispatched one character via falling helicopter). Drunk and reeling from his unrequited love affair with one-time roommate Neela (Parminder Nagra), Barnett lost both legs after a close encounter with a truck.

"That was a shock to everybody" Nagra says. "Most of all Shane, I think."

Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter is already signed on for four appearances and West's Ray walks back (on prosthetic legs) during a Halloween episode. Says Nagra "Ray comes back at a time when Neela needs direction."

Last but not least, you can check the promotional trailer of ER's 15th season in YouTube and the 12th season quotes.

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Is spring time in here, and autumn in the USA, which means ER is about to begin.
There's new spoilers, which I haven't read, so I have no idea what are they about.
There's also a new radio interview from the Philadelphia Film Festival with Shane, he talks about his old band Jonny Was, playing with The Germs, his new film "What We Do Is Secret", and how it feels to be recieving the Rising Star Award.
The 11th season quotes are up: click me!

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new site

Welcome to Ray & Neela site, I'm Manu, and hope you enjoy the site!
I'm obviously just starting this one, so be patient, but in the mid time you can submit things to be included clicking here or visit the Gallery section.

// 19-08-2008