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What We Stand For


By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


November 9, 2003


We, the People of the United States, wish to live our peaceful lives without being a constant target of domestic and foreign forces that want to take advantage of our laboriousness, wealth, openness, and goodwill. We wish to enjoy the fruits of our work, and if we chose to share them with others, it must be ours and not our government or other nations' decision to doing so. We wish to keep our country for our children and ourselves, and keep out of it all uninvited as well as undesirable persons. We shall share our land only with those that we invite here, provided our guests accept our values, culture, and language, obey our laws, and help us defending our liberties and improving the living standards of all Americans, and we reserve for ourselves the right to revoke our invitation whenever we feel like. Above all, we wish to preserve America as is, according to her Constitution and her laws, for us and for future generations of Americans.


As free citizens of a sovereign country, we have no desire or intention to adapt to foreigners, no matter how numerous they might be, to their alien cultures, and to other nations' customs and laws. It is our nation's interest, and not theirs, that remains our topmost priority. We are not going to tolerate their breaking of our laws and norms of ethics. We do not report to their governments and international organizations, nor are we obliged to yield to their requests, claims, and demands, no matter how just they might seem. There is no such thing as a God-given right of a human being to immigrate to America or, except for naturally born [see Note below] or naturalized citizens of the U.S., to enjoy the benefits of citizenship thereof, nor does any "free trade" agreement give anyone such a right.


We are proud of what we are and what we have accomplished, and we do not welcome attempts to remake our country and our society to the liking of others. We are a cornerstone of the Western civilization, and are determined to remaining so indefinitely. Anyone who because of his/her ungratefulness or contempt of the United States of America, her Constitution, and her laws, doesn't like what we stand for, as it has been outlined above, is free to leave our country now.


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Note. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof [emphasis added] are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.  [The Constitution of the United States, Amendment XIV, Section 1.]

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