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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


June 26, 2007



A Republican president made "a compromise" with Sen. Kennedy and lent his support to an immigration reform bill that included an amnesty provision for millions of illegal aliens. The bill was enacted into the law and, few years later proved disastrous for this country and its security. Although the president expressed his regrets, after the fact, about accepting the Kennedy's compromise, the damage has been done and the detrimental effects of the amnesty could not have been reversed. That was in 1986, and the president then was Ronald Reagan, a man of firm conservative convictions about our national coherence, sovereignty, and indispensability of our border. ("A nation without a border cannot exist", he said.)


Now, another Republican president is talking about "a compromise" with Sen. Kennedy. This time there are 12 to 20 millions of illegal aliens in America, and they are not trying to hide their prevailing irredentism, making explicit or implied territorial claims on behalf of Mexico. To make things worse, the president is conservative only on some issues, and even on those that he is, it's a qualified conservative, "compassionate", as he put it. In particular, he doesn't believe that the U.S. is much more than a market for merchandise and labor, and apparently has no intention of enforcing (unless one means "enforcing" as "opening") our national border. He pushes for blending the U.S. with Mexico and Canada into North American Union while his neocon collaborators preach multiculturalism and diversity in order to dissolve American national identity.


When Sen. Kennedy 21 years ago managed to open America's kingdom to hordes of illegal aliens, the situation wasn't nearly as grave as it is now. For one, President Bush is no match for that old weasel who thinks that if illegal "immigration" is out of control now then it's not because we granted an amnesty for illegals, but because there was not enough amnesty (so he pushes for more and more). And even if Bush were better equipped upstairs, his political agenda that has all appearances of neocon's failed program with strong globalist smell doesn't leave much hope for the future of this nation. If three million amnestees in 1986 under firmly pro-American president Reagan managed to make a dent in American nation's once healthy self-preservation system, imagine what will 12 to 20 million accomplish under this Mexicophiliac president who seems to have problems even with making coherent speeches, never mind sound policies, and whose administration gained notoriety for incompetence and dysfunction (just watch CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight for a plenty of examples.)


Now, nothing will ever improve just because of your sitting here and reading this article. So, why don't you get up and join hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans in their efforts to save this country from ultimate defeat. Here are some links that you may wish to follow and get involved before it's too late (it's NOT too late, yet).


The future of this nation is in your hands.




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Lying Liar

Analysis of meaning of “amnesty” in the context of guest worker program for illegal aliens and Sen. Kennedy’s deceitful rhetoric.


Why Are Mexicans Populating The U.S.?

Brief analysis of the cause of Mexican population spill-over.


Fox's Call to Replace Americans with Mexicans

Exposes (not so) hidden agenda of Mexican ruling elite. 


We Need To Know Who's Coming

Demonstrates absurdity of a common claim by the advocates of amnesty.


Deportation Is Not a Penalty

Argues that deportation of an illegal entrant is not a penalty as repossession of stolen property from a thief or a bank robber is not - it is restitution. Likewise, granting a residency permit to an illegal alien is not just an amnesty – it goes far beyond that, as granting a thief or a bank robber the right to the property he stole would go beyond amnesty (in the correct meaning of this word) for common criminals.


Who Is Not Local Here?

Exposes hypocrisy behind Mexican invaders’ charges directed against patriotic Americans who stand up in defense of our country.


Anatomy of Treason

Argues that U.S. Senate's capitulation to demands of millions of illegal aliens is a result and a necessary consequence of a half-century old, well concerted effort to disable healthy mechanisms of American national self-preservation and survival.


Senators Not Worried With Voters' Backlash

Argues that the majority of U.S. Senators hope to adjust to changes brought by mass invasion of aliens from Mexico and survive voters’ dissatisfaction with their abandoning of their party’s core constituency.


Liberation and Socialism, or the Marching Morons? (with photos)

Critical comments on 500,000 illegal immigrant demonstration in Los Angeles, March 25, 2006. Prediction of Bolshevik-style revolution coming.


Presidential Doublespeak (with photo)

Ridicules Orwellian (George Orwell has been credited for the invention of “weakness is strength” nonsense in his classic satire “1984”) tricks used by President Bush and the open-border lobby in their promotion of "guest workers" program. 


Invasion Must Be Safe, Orderly, and Legal (with photo)

Demonstrates how the will of the American people to end illegal immigration is being distorted.





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