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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


June 28, 2007 (Last updated December 27, 2007, click here for Addenda)



When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle; but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle.

[Louis Veuillot, the 19th century French writer]



To be generous with one’s own possessions is one thing; to be generous with posterity’s is quite another…

[Garrett Hardin, “Stalking the Wild Taboo”, 1978]



The law locks up both man and woman

Who steals the goose from off the common

But lets the greater felon loose

Who steals the common from the goose.

[Edward Potts Cheyney, 1997]



I tell you, I am mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore. The fundamental question is not just how many immigrants is America willing to accept, but also who these immigrants are and what they are up to. Because as of now, we are being displaced by assertive, ethno-centered, fast multiplying populations of aliens who learned how to use our adherence to the Western norms of moral conduct, in particular, our altruism, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness, openness, self-restraint, and humanitarianism, the attributes that they are by and large missing, as a weapon against us in their frontal demographic assault on America, and all that our federal government (half of the Senate and the Bush administration) is willing to do about that is to further facilitate our displacement.


And it's not particularly relevant at this point whether different races and ethnic groups are biologically different or not, or whether they are equally capable of developing and maintaining modern civilizations based on honesty, laws, and rights of individuals, as opposed to corrupt and oppressive regimes where the honest are considered jerks and the “public servants” expect bribes for not violating rights of individuals, like it is common in Mexico. What does matter, though, is whether they exhibit interracial altruism and cooperation, or do they flock together, instead, along ethnic and racial lines in order to form self-serving alliances against what they sometimes refer to as "white racist pigs" (all white Americans, that is). Unfortunately, it appears that, except, perhaps, for Westerners of European origin, virtually all human races fall under the latter characterization, even if the “white racist pigs” references are ignored as a qualifier.


From the global perspective, the picture ain't rosy for those of Caucasian descent, either. Due to their responsible breeding (birth control, preservation of environment for future generations, procreation delayed by pursuit of college education) as well as overcrowding of their past and present habitats, the world's white population is declining (stagnant at the best, with visible tendency to decline), both in terms of the percentage of the total and in absolute numbers4. (Google for yourself, or see [1]) Meanwhile, world’s non-white population, whose breeding patterns may be characterized as prevailingly irresponsible, is skyrocketing (Africa itself increased its population seven-fold during last fifty years), chiefly because of technological and medical advances of Western civilization and because of West's free trade, humanitarian help, offshoring of production facilities, and peace-keeping missions. Yet white Westerners are often being labeled as racists (oddly enough, whites are the only group that earned that pejorative epithet - see Addendum 3) and meet mostly with ungratefulness (at best) and hatred (at worst) from those that benefit from West’s existence; some malcontents even go as far as to refer to the white race as "cancer on humanity" and call for its "abolishment". This situation is so indicative of non-whites' plans towards whites that it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out what's going on here.


If you deny or question any of the above then tell me, how many non-white interracial altruists can you name? How many non-Western nations are eager to accept immigrants of races different then their own regardless of these immigrants' economic status, never mind letting them and their children become members of the ruling elites? How many non-Western religions reach to the others with message of peace and reconciliation? How many black (perhaps a billionaire, Oprah Winfrey?) or brown celebrities adopt poor white kids in order to offer them better lives and family love? You may have really hard time finding credible examples. But just one glance at TV reports on Western humanitarian help to Third World countries, black kids adoptions by white American celebrities, or, on domestic front, white volunteers passionately carrying for predominantly black victims (who, apparently, refused to pick up after themselves) of hurricane Katrina at Houston's Astrodome back in 2005, shows how plentiful are these noble characteristics among whites.


Contrast this with the abundance of black, Hispanic, and Latino caucuses and ethnic organizations in the U.S. (Muslims and Asians are catching on, too) that unapologetically promote their self-centered ethnic interests, often at the expense of others, while in the entire world one cannot find nearly as many white caucuses and ethno-clans (remember, whites are world’s minority as they comprise about 1/10 of world’s population, so they have every reason to organize and unionize for self-preservation, which, unfortunately, they do not do). The non-whites, apparently, don't subscribe to white Liberals’ theory that race "is a purely social construct", nor do they aim at building a "color-blind" society. Their instinctive ethnic solidarity against us, greatly facilitated by easily recognizable characteristics, like language, behavior, and color, or even surname (see Addendum 4, below), reached the point at which any attempt to curtail illegal "immigration", without slightest regard to the race of an illegal alien in question, is automatically labeled as "anti-Latino racism"1, which is about as absurd as calling anti-terrorism measures now in place in London “anti-Arab discrimination” because virtually all perpetrators of recent attacks there were carried out by terrorists of middle-Eastern descent. Who needs a better proof of what they are up to?


And even if the invading hordes (that's what they really are) were the same as we are, at least as far as the skin color and other appearances are concerned, it wouldn't matter to me as long as they were trying to displace me and my kin, as they do. The most desirable living areas in the U.S. are already suffering from overpopulation due to their mass “migration” and irresponsible overbreeding. California with its heavenly climate and fertile land is so crowded that it is experiencing a net loss of native-born population that is being pushed out by the immigrants (I wonder how much cockfights, market Spanish, and midnight mariachi music have to do with it?), legal and otherwise, and their countless kids (see [9, 10] for the latest official predictions). Fresh air and water are in short supply, and electricity is being the subject of de facto rationing (you pay about five times the regular rate if you use more electricity than your "ration", just examine your monthly bill). Most of Southland's freeways look like huge parking lots during the rush hours, and this is happening even before all the illegals here are issued driver's licenses and are allowed to cruise back and forth as they please.


The bottom line is that the differences between races2 are but a distraction in the heated debate of the illegal “immigration” crisis, and the fighting word “Racists!” is but a weapon that is being used to silence those of us who don’t want to give our country away to the invading hordes2a.


Imagine this.


You were forcefully and unlawfully kicked out from your own home by someone who moved in there while you were out. When you claimed your property rights in the court of law, the judge sided with the intruder and refused evicting him because he (the judge) could not see any substantial differences between you and your "undocumented tenant" (you both breath, eat, sleep, and hurt the same way, and you bleed the same red blood, don’t you?). Would you accept it as a fair judgment? Would you agree that giving away your property to the intruder, as long as he is the same human being as you are, is the decent thing to do, and in order to show your altruism, would you grant him the title to your property, too? If you would then, perhaps, you also would like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from me?


The above hypothetical scenario illustrates what the U.S. Senate has been attempting (for more than a year now - see [2]) to do about 12 to 20 millions of "undocumented immigrants", except that the Senate has been trying to give away the rights to the land that is not Senators’ but ours and our posterity’s, which would allow the undocumented to “steal the common from the goose” (figuratively speaking) and get away with it. And whether the intruders breath, eat, sleep, and hurt the same way as we do, and whether they bleed the same red blood, or are as smart, hard-working, and decent as we are, or even whether they look like we or not, it doesn't really matter here3. What does matter, though, is that they are working hard to replace us with them, and our posterity with theirs, in our own country that we and our ancestors, and not the intruders, built from scratch. And they even don’t try to keep their intentions secret. Some of them are blatant enough to form racial and ethnic alliances (often using the money we paid to the IRS) that are openly directed right against us, the rightful owners of this country and its wealth, and to parade on our streets under their national flags and placards that call for liberation of their” land, and for sending most of us, the white Americans, “back to Europe” (see [3]), as if they didn’t already try to invade her, too (see [4]).


For me, that's one reason good enough to shut down the American-Mexican border now and to remove (humanely, of course) as many of them, undesirable invaders, as possible, and to encourage those that weren’t removed to go back, on their own, to where they came from. And the least you can do to help this happen is to make them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable here.


Addendum 1 (July 2, 2007)


It turns out (see [7]) that five out of eight suspected conspirators who executed recent terrorist, and racially motivated, attacks in London were medical doctors of Middle-Eastern descent. (Tell me more about “Doctors without Borders”.) This fact clearly debunks the Liberal myth that only uneducated people resort to this kind of ethnic and racial solidarity that results in ruthless, if not barbaric, pursuit of their genetic interest at the expense of others (in this case, ours). It also suggests that while accepting prospective immigrants, one should look not only at their skills, talents, and education, but also evaluate chances that they may prove disloyal to their new country. And past experience in this respect (certain cultures and countries gained notoriety for sending us multitudes of ungrateful, if not hostile, immigrants) should be one of the decisive factors while answering a Shakespearean question “To admit or not to admit?”. [top]


Addendum 2 (July 3, 2007)


A recent example of “back to Europe” theme circulated by Mexican ethnic organizations (Mexica Movement in this case) has been pointed out in [8]. Although, reportedly, they represent a “fringe” of all Latino organizations in the U.S., they articulate what seems to be a common goal of various Latino ideologies: systematic promotion of genetic interest of their racial group at the expense of ours. Although, as reported in [8], the National Council of The Race (La Raza, ethno-centric Latino organization, sometimes referred to as the “Brown Klan”) made an effort to distance themselves from that “fringe”, easy to decipher deception in its rhetoric (they claim that “Raza” means “the people” or “community” - classifications not related to genetic characteristics of a person – while, per Spanish-English dictionary, the main meanings of “raza” are: “race”, “breed”, “stock” or “strain” – obviously genetically based classifications) makes it clear that they don’t mean what they say. [top]


Addendum 3 (November 16, 2007)


A recent example of self-contradictory rhetoric against "racist white pigs" can be found in [12]. Not only does is abound with racial slurs against whites, in itself a clear indicator of profoundly racist, if not hateful, motivations of the assailants, but also testifies about substandard intelligence of those who profess it. For how can one be, ostensibly, opposed to all form of racial stereotypes while at the same time claiming that whites (and only whites) are automatically racist? If like one was saying: "I hate these racists even more than I hate these whites". [top]


Addendum 4 (November 25, 2007)


Meanwhile, a sense of ethnic solidarity within trans-national, multi-racial "Hispanic" alliance directed against "Anglos" in the U.S. seems on the rise, as the number of residents of Latin-American (mostly, Mexican) ancestry is growing. In a New York Times article [13] that appeared to celebrate "diversity" (an euphemism for hostile takeover of the U.S. by any of its present racial minorities), Louis Padilla, a banker of Colombian ancestry currently living in Miami, was quoted commenting on recent report that surnames Garcia and Rodriguez were listed among ten most popular in the U.S.:   “It shows we’re getting stronger,” Mr. Padilla said. “If there’s that many of us to outnumber the Anglo names, it’s a great thing.”


Can the pre-emptive intentions of the "Hispanic" bloc be made any more obvious than that? It is important to note here that Mr. Padilla had no way of knowing who these Garcias and Rodriguezes were, what was their race or country of origin, or whether they looked like him or not. Just having a "Hispanic" surname was apparently enough for him to join an ad hoc coalition directed against American "Anglos" (note his words "we're [emphasis added] getting stronger" and "outnumber the Anglo") right here in America. And the NY Times apparently expects its readers to cheer the emerging victors as if it were talking about future champions in a sporty competition between two football teams. [top]




Footnotes. 1Speaking on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” (6/28/2007), Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois and a Member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, insinuated that rejection of amnesty for illegal aliens by the U.S. Senate earlier today was … anti-Mexican. (Somehow, he didn’t say it was anti-Ukrainian, anti-Filipino, or anti-Haitian.) Taking into account Mr. Gutierrez insider knowledge of this issue, does his enunciation leave any doubt as to what nation is behind the well-orchestrated, albeit illegal, large-scale displacement effort that is going on in our country? It looks like Mr. Gutierrez and his ethno-centric collaborators (co-conspirators?) take the territorial gains by Mexican “Latinos” in the U.S. for granted, and – resorting to usual fallacies so characteristic of the Mexican lobby - try to portray any setback of their on-going conquest of America as an act of racial or ethnic discrimination, while, actually, something opposite is true. It’s a well known fact that any of the forms of amnesty for illegal aliens considered so far by the U.S. legislature would benefit mostly Mexican “Latinos” and would de facto amount to preferential treatment of the nation that not only got their unfairly large share of American generosity already, but also has been notorious for its proverbial ungratefulness (see [6] for examples). The undeniable statistics makes it clear that those who are pushing for amnesty are mainly motivated by ethnic favorism towards one group (Mexican “Latinos”) at the expense of all others. And, indeed, the most vigorous pushers exhibit strong personal ties with Mexico, or are “Latinos” of (predominantly) Mexican ancestry.


2I mean, the significant genetic differences, like IQ, reproductive strategy, proneness to criminal and otherwise asocial behavior, etc. The “superficial”, according to liberal theory of race as a “social construct”, differences (the ones visible with naked eye, that is) do seem to matter great deal in the context of inter-racial conflicts, though. They provide means for easy identification of members of a race or ethnic group, a future that allows them for spontaneous forming ad hoc coalitions against commonly perceived threats and other groups. This is why gang members, typically recruited within one race or ethnicity, additionally distinguish themselves from others with signs and signals like gang tattoos, cloths, body language, and jewelry. These requisites allow them to quickly recognize each other in conflict situations, as well as intimidate their prospective adversaries and intruders into “their” territory (graffiti serves for the latter purpose as well). From this point of view, it must be clear to an intelligent person that one of the primary roles of engineered diversity and multiculturalism, particularly, while discouraging the immigrants from assimilation, is to lay a preparatory background for coming demographic warfare with obvious potential for future genocide that may follow it (try to guess which race will be at the greatest risk of being eliminated?), unless one is nave enough to believe that gangs resort to the described above signaling solely for the purpose of enrichment of the American culture and making their neighborhood more vibrant. And indeed, a brief scrutiny of several ethnic subcultures leaves one with a strong impression of clearly assault character of their cloths, manners, and, in some cases, even music; e.g., rap and hip-hop belong to the category of assault music, if one insists on calling such things “music”.


2a(Added August 21, 2007) Intimidation by a threat of being labeled a "racist" serves also as a cover-up for mass invasion (euphemistically called: "migration") of the U.S. by Mexican Latinos, and native population displacement that is causes. In the areas infested by Mexican "migrants", their (and their kids') increasing presence is visible with a naked eye, as soon as one stops to be "color blind", of course, and notices the booming new population by their obvious external appearances. For instance, one can easily spot among school children those of likely Mexican (or Latino) descent, thus noticing rapid demographic changes that are poised to change this nation's destiny. In a sense, that's good news for us, the displaced, because we have a chance to wake up before it's to late and resist the displacement; a chance that we wouldn't, most likely, have, should those who were displacing us look like we. Unfortunately, the thought police of "political correctness" managed to terrorize average Joes and Janes to the point that many of them refuse to see the obvious out of fear of being charged with a "crime" of "racial profiling". It's worth noting that noticing demographic changes by the racial appearances of the emerging populations (labeled with the pejorative term of "racial profiling") is only statistically valid and may lead to false (and, often, socially reprehensible) conclusions in individual cases. In particular, it would be illogical (and, some may argue, inappropriate) to claim that a particular person is a Latino "migrant" or a child thereof (as opposed to, say, an American citizen for several generations) just because the way he/it looks, and I do not advise any one to do so, but as the population sample is large enough, one can predict, and with good accuracy, its ethnic or even geographic origin. In other words, despite the fact that the appearance test may fail miserably in individual cases, it is surprisingly correct when a mass process (like present mass "migration" of Mexican Latinos into the U.S.) takes place. It's also worth noting that the so-called "group rights", as opposed to individual rights, have no constitutional basis whatsoever, so one can lawfully engage in statistic evaluation of a (large) group based on their external characteristics, while doing so to an individual person, in addition to being methodologically incorrect, may turn illegal as well.


3The charges of “racism” and “bigotry” in this context (as brought, for instance, by Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina – watch the very end of video [5]) are nonsensical beyond comprehension. They are like saying that if someone who stole your property was of the same race as you were, you wouldn’t mind being ripped off, but as soon as you realized that a thief was not Caucasian, in particular, that he was a member of “underrepresented minority”, you maliciously demanded your property back, and even pressed charges against the perpetrator. In other words, your attempts to repossess what’s lawfully and rightfully yours (Graham, in his fallacious argument, tested the limits of nonsense when he questioned the very fact that America belongs to actual Americans as opposed to anyone on the planet who claimed to be an American) from an ethnically alien perpetrator, or any resistance on your part against being displaced by such alien or aliens, automatically make you a “racist” and a “bigot” (see also [11]). I don’t know if it can get any more absurd than that.


4According to an article in Washington Post (see [14]), whites in the U.S. and Europe are procreating below the replacement level of 2.1 children per average women during her lifetime (the number is referred to as fertility). For instance, whites' fertility rate in the U.S. has been reported as 1.86, and in Europe is even lower. Contrast this with Hispanics fertility in the U.S. that has been reported at 2.9 (which number includes Hispanic whites of below replacement fertility; for non-white Hispanics fertility has been estimated elsewhere at 3.6 level) an you will get the picture: non-white Hispanics in the U.S. are displacing whites who are headed, exponentially, to extinction.



Readers’ comments: Great piece Mr. Dwyer! Right on the money […]. Thank you for speaking up!


In the politically correct world we live in one cannot discuss immigration, or any topic that examines racial differences, without being called a racist, particularly if you are white.


As always your article is straight forward and sensible.


I have just discovered Mark Andrew Dwyer in his latest article [...]. How incredibly exhilarating to read Mr. Dwyer's truth in what he wrote. [...] I cannot wait to finish reading the rest of Mr. Dwyer's articles and I have a new "hero" to add to my list of relatively few notable individuals! God Bless you, Mr. Dwyer, may you continue to be prolific and give hope to the few who still care enough to try & reverse the demise of our race.


That article really hit the nail on the head. Especially with regard to how ethno-centric groups are using Western altruism and idealism against us, while practicing the opposite with regard to their own identity.


Excellent Excellent Excellent!!! Thanks for this right-on article! I think I'll print it out and frame it!


A damn shame this is not in Braille for the totally blind in this country. But then the blinded brainwashed masses have more important things to worry about than their country and its citizens’ future generations. [Old Yeller]


See also: a letter from Steven Dean. [top]





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