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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


August 10, 2008


irredentist - One who advocates the recovery of territory culturally or historically related to one's nation but now subject to a foreign government. []



georgian mourningIt must come as a shocking news to all those who preached: "We are one global community, now. We are all the citizens of the world. As freedom and democracy are spreading all over the globe, there will be wars no more."


Despite their dare predictions based on such absurd inventions as "diversity is strength", "nation states are anachronism in today's world", and "a key to peace and prosperity is a lack of border and immigration enforcement", a deadly war erupted, again, in relatively well civilized part of the world: Europe.


As of today, the Russian tanks are roaming in South Ossetia, a province in former Soviet Republic, now a sovereign country Georgia, in the process of what the Russian officials call a "liberation" of that region, after launching airstrikes on several Georgian cities that brought civilian deaths and destruction.


According to U.K. Daily Mail (see [1], all pictures in this commentary are from there - refer to the fair use clause above),  "most of the 70,000 South Ossetians hold Russian passports and are allied to Moscow". As a part of their well-rooted separatist movement, they attempted to secede from Georgia, in order to fulfill their allegiance to Russia, declaring South Ossetia capital  Tskhinvali a breakaway city. Russian government, of course, did not pass on this perfect opportunity to expand its control of the region and the pipeline that supplies 1% of  world oil supply, and sent its troops in order to, ostensibly, protect Georgia's Russian minority from discrimination and other suffering that they were exposed to under the Georgia's government.


blazing apartment in GoriNot that a rational observer, familiar with history of the old continent, should be surprised with this "escalation of violence", as the so-called "mainstream media" prefer to refer to ethnic wars.


The First World War was sparked by ethnic tensions in Balkans. The main excuse for launching the Second World War were alleged  violations of rights of German ethnic minorities in Czechoslovakia and Poland, followed by irredentist claims of these minorities on behalf of Germany. And the bloody war in former Yugoslavia (still not quite over) was caused, yes, you guessed it right, by ethnic tensions between various groups of peoples that freed themselves from the totalitarian rule of a socialist regime.


There is an important lesson that we, Americans, can learn from this tragic experience of Georgian people.


Minorities of neighbor nations, concentrated in ethnic enclaves (so-called "immigrant communities" or "Latino communities"), are like matchboxes in a barrel of powder - they are notorious of sparking explosions of irredentism and violent conflicts. The usual consequence of ethnic or national minority in one country maintaining allegiance to its neighbor country is a war. Allowing Mexican minority grow stronger and infiltrate American structures of political and military power is plain stupid if not outright suicidal.


As of today, there are millions of Mexican nationals living in Los Angeles and vicinity. They have their "Little Mexico" (few miles South of downtown L.A.), their Spanish TV, radio, and newspapers that reinforce their allegiance to their motherland, they have their chauvinist and revisionist organizations that on behalf of their la raza articulate irredentist claims against the U.S., they have local and state "Hispanic" officials that cater to their nationalistic interests and demands, and they, occasionally, march on the streets of L.A. demanding "liberation" of the American Southwest from "occupation" by the U.S. (see [2]). And the dual citizenship that many Mexcian-Americans hold only makes the problem more acute, as it increases the number of citizens with split loyalty who can become pivots in local and national elections.

injured woman in georgiaWhat we see in Georgia is a likely future that Liberal "progressives", neo-con compassionate globalists, and their propaganda machine (the so-called "mainstream" media, major newspapers, and Hollywood moguls) are about to bring on our heads. Tens of millions of Mexican nationals loyal to their country of origin (or ancestry) keep escalating their irredentist claims, and it is only a matter of time when Mexico will move on to "liberate" American territories, just like Russians are doing in Georgia.

 Don't be fooled by the imbalance of military power between the U.S. and Mexico. There is enough individuals profoundly loyal to Mexican nation in American governments of all levels and in the armed forces to derail any serious attempts of using our military superiority while defending our country against Mexican invasion or secession of states like California infested with Mexican separatists.


When it happens, ACLU will claim that the U.S. Constitution unconditionally guarantees each an every person in the U.S. (in particular, all ACLU acivists) a God-given right to welcome the invaders, cheer their troopers and militants, offer them "humanitarian " help, and defend them in American courts against discrimination and civil rights violations. The U.S. Senate will wave the white flag as quickly and unconditionally as it did when it attempted to surrender to millions of marching illegals demanding amnesty and rights to "their" share of America in May 2006 (see [3]). 

The history shows that some nations are more expansive than others, and reveal clear imperialist tendencies, despite the relativist mantra "all cultures are equal". Russia, know as the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1991, is one of such nations with deeply rooted culture of expansion and imperialism. Mexico, a successor of Spanish Empire, built on remainders of Aztec Empire, is another; it shows its true colors once in a while, mostly in Freudian slips of its leaders and officials (like "I am proud to announce that Mexican nation expands beyond the territory enclosed by its borders", or "Where is a Mexican there is Mexico", just to name a few).


The pattern of expansion that they have followed for some 500 years now belongs to the same category as Hitler's national socialism (a relatively new phenomenon) that used the alleged "discrimination" against German ethnic minorities Czechoslovakia and Poland as an excuse to armed invasion of these countries. Contrast this with the U.S., a country that was NOT built on conquest and deception (see [4]) but on peaceful settlements and tedious development of once wild and mostly uninhabited land, despite false accusations by notorious irredentists, revisionists, and expansionists that want everything for their la raza and nothing for everybody else.

There is no comparison between the U.S. and Spanish Empire or its posthumous offspring, Mexico, in spite of constant whining of Mexican socialists and would-be revolutionaries that throw all whites into one category of conquistadors and oppressors. And the only way to maintain in North America our most sublimed, liberated, and humane form of Western civilization is to stop Mexican expansion, be it "migration" or demographic changes, once and for all. We have to do it before it's too late, or we will share the tragic fate of the people of Georgia.

 refugees south ossetia




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[1] The Pipeline War: Russian bear goes for West's jugular


[2] Liberation and Socialism, or the Marching Morons?


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