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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


September 6, 2008



The full-blown offensive of lowly smears and frivolous accusations against Sarah Palin and her loved ones by the so-called "mainstream" media, coast-to-coast, seven days a week, give me a moral mandate, or an ethical excuse, if you will, to write this article.

Let me call a spade a spade: I don't trust Barack Obama.

US Weekly double standardAt this point it doesn't really matter to me that he is a classic example of affirmative action candidate (see [1]) to whom embarrassingly low standards are applied just because of the hue of his skin, so that he passes them in flying colors, while Sarah Palin is measured against much higher standards (just like it is the case with admissions, and often graduation criteria, at major American universities) and thus receives less favorable publicity, like the one on the cover of the US Weekly pictured here.

It doesn't even matter to me that his promises sound hollow, and that many of them are simply impossible to deliver on (never mind his lack of record of actually improving anything of consequence), like his radical idea of fixing America's ailing economy by selective higher taxation. (Some claim that he will lower the taxes while increasing government spending and reducing budget deficit at the same time.)


Because even if he is as smart and qualified as the “mainstream” media are trying to portray him (which I have some serious reservations about), what’s in it for us, mainstream Americans, if he is going to use his talents and experience for someone else’s and not ours benefit?

My objections to his candidacy are more fundamental.

After what I heard and read about him, it's clear to me that his reaction to various forms of anti-Americanism, the rise of which we are witnessing these days, will be more and more concessions to our adversaries, attackers, and extortionists, both domestic and foreign. I don't have any trust that he will even try to defend America as we know her and the majority of Americans at times of turmoil and unrest that domestic and imported disgruntled masses will bring on our heads. (Not that I trust the U.S. Senate in this matter, either.)

Simply speaking, Barack Obama does not and will not represent me, nor does he represent tens of millions of mainstream Americans like me, so that there is little hope that he will stand on our side when we expect him to.

Because of the naïveté that he demonstrated at several occasions (see FURTHER READINGS below), I do believe that Obama, if elected, will become a puppet, assuming that he already isn't, in hands of the powerful "special interest" groups (let them remain nameless for a while) that - to larger and larger extent - influence Washington establishment and power structures. He, perhaps, will be given free hand on redistributing even more income from the working majority to receiving minorities (although I am certain that he won't touch the wealth of such sponsors of "social justice" as billionaire George Soros), and on nominating left-leaning activist judges to the Supreme Court, but will be easily manipulated on all other major issues, including foreign policy, national defense and security, and international trade, so that the current sellout of our country (for the benefit of a few) will continue smoothly and unobstructedly.

He will bow to "international community" (a euphemism for Third World) that demands "its" share in America's wealth and land. After all, he has already voiced his firm disapproval of, however modest, efforts to enforce our national border and the immigration laws, and signaled his eagerness to maintain subsidies for economically insolvable nations with rapidly growing populations, compliments of American hardworking taxpayers.

I also believe that, if elected, he will become instrumental in wrecking America as we know her, and remaking her onto a quasi-socialist, cosmopolitan country, in which social parasitism pays and hard work is punished, and everyone, except the "more equal", receives about the same share of a smaller and smaller pie. That is the actual meaning of the noun "change" that he uses so often in his campaign.

Yet many Americans don't seem to exercise their good judgment of this candidate. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out why.

Anti-American media for some four decades now have promoted images and behavioral patterns that made the mainstream Americans, those who have been the cornerstones and the driving force of this finest nation, look odd and outright evil. (Sarah Palin is the most recent example here.) These media made badmouthing of America a virtue and patriotism a serious flaw of character. They equated national sovereignty to imperialism. They discredited traditional values that made this country strong, prosperous, and free, and replaced them with absurdities of diversity, multiculturalism, and globalism. They perpetuated the fiction that being black, even partially, almost automatically makes one a good and trustworthy person, while whites are not to be trusted because they, stereotypically, are racists who obstruct progress by invoking such passé as the U.S. Constitution and the intentions of the Framing Fathers.

Now, based on misconceptions and lies that these media have implanted into many American minds (in most cases, while their bearers were too young to realize that they were being brainwashed and re-programmed) they market Barack Obama as a specimen of good and a role model for us, real Americans, which he clearly is not.

It still amazes me that as untrustworthy (I find him outright phony) candidate as he is can be emerging as a sort of Messiah, while an authentic mainstream American, Sarah Palin, who represents everything that has been good with America, is being marginalized and portrayed as a deviant and abomination, if not a monster. This just proves how powerful the "mainstream" media that mastered the art of successfully marketing deception and illusion to the American public are.

So, if you always do whatever the silver screen in your living room or a piece of paper in the coffee shop where you drink your latté tell you to then, by all means, go ahead and give Barack Obama the benefit of doubt. Once you realize your mistake, it will be too late to do anything about it.

As for me, I trust Sarah Palin. She and her family belong to the mainstream America of my dreams. She professes the same mainstream values that I do. She is a courageous leader who has a proven record of standing up on our side (just ask her fellow Alaskans who call her Joan of Arc, or read [2]). It's thee most important qualification for the Oval Office I can think of. And it looks like I am in a big company.


Readers’ comments:  “This article hits the nail on the head as far as my feelings go about Obama.”


I don’t trust Obama, either.”


“I want to say I am in agreement 100% with you.  I have been saying for months that he scares the hell out of me.”


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