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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


July 4, 2009


I admit, I was caught by surprise when I learned yesterday that Sarah Palin decided to step down as the governor of Alaska by the end of this month. As I was listening to her speech (see [1]), my disappointment quickly turned into hurtful realisation that what happened to her was a mere reflection of what was happening to us, white - by birth or by choice - paleo-Americans. We have been chased by hordes of "Liberal" hyenas, and it does not seem obvious at this point if and how are we going to survive their vicious attacks against us.

For a moment in 2008, it looked like she was going to turn tables on false God of "Liberalism" (see [2]) that put the curses of engineered diversity and implanted multiculturalism on a pedestal of adoration and worship, where being non-white was considered a virtue in itself, and every prospective immigrant, legal or otherwise, was given the right to claim "his" share of the American dream, as long as he wasn't white. 

For a while, the architects of neo-socialist neo-America (a.k.a. "change") with globalist flavor feared that the muted majority, electrified by her authenticity, charisma, and courage, would liberate itself from its white guilt and re-claim the country that slowly but steadily was being stolen from them. But then the "Liberal" hyenas went after her, and it was only a matter of time before they caught up with her, brought her down and, eventually, made a kill.

Like the vast majority of us, she did not resort to tactics of racial assault and bashing or patronizing ethnies that - by birth and by choice - were different than her own. She did not invoke the bill of damages that all kinds of ethnic hustlers inflicted upon America, nor did she get into defensive or retaliatory race rhetoric. But the mere fact that, while being a walking specimen of what was right with America, she dared to be so unapologetically white (and I don't care if it was by birth or by choice) gave rise to never ending series of vicious attacks by all those who would rather submit us to tyranny of ugly inside and outside "Liberals", Barnie Franks, Rossie O'Donnells, Michale Moores, Sonia Sotomayors (you name them), and their ethno-centered minority militants that try to reconstruct their primitive, corrupt, and otherwise dysfunctional cultures right here on American soil.

Oddly enough, most of the so-called "conservative elite" watched cynically how she was being chased and bitten by the hyenas, apparently wishing her to fell pray (some were outright salivating), which would clear the political playground for presidential aspirations of their own. Trying to play down her enormous popularity among the rank-and-file Republicans, as well as her unsurpassed ability to do and say things that resonated so well in so many hearts of paleo-Americans, they could hardly hide their discomfort with possibility of racing against someone from outside of the Washington circle of power who was conquering the minds and souls of the muted majority that all of the sudden turned from apathy and resignation to enthusiasm and hope. 

As if a chance that the country could escape the well-orchestrated power grab by the party that would never win any elections if it weren't for disgruntled minorities and assertive aliens and their semi-treasonous collaborators meant nothing to them as long as it would not benefit their personal careers.

What happened to Sarah Palin reminds me of the hienous attacks by the "Liberals" on Carrie Prejean who was stripped of her Miss California title earlier this year as a result of her courage to speak up her mind on the matter of marriage, without even a shade of apology for the "political incorrectness" of her personal belief. Well, her opinion was considered offensive to some (which fact only amplified her original sin of being openly white), so she had to get eliminated. Interestingly, virtually none of the Washington's top Republicans, ostensibly so committed to core conservative values, spoke up in her defense.

You see, the "Liberal" priests who preach tolerance want to make us believe that individual liberty means freedom to be mean, malicious, evil, libelous, deceitful, and duplicitous, and to litigate frivolously, as long as these are the "Liberal" hyenas that are exercising these freedoms and the target of their assaults is white. And they exercise these rights that they gave to themselves but not to us as they please, invoking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights each time when anyone disapproves of their lowly attacks. 

Meanwhile, our Washington Republican elite (increasingly under control of the neo-cons) keeps telling us that all we need is a soft-glove approach to the heinous attacks from the Left in order for us to not appear combative or - God forbid - racist.

What a bunch of losers.

We need to go after all the "Liberal" hyenas and ruin their lives just like they ruined the life of Sarah Palin. We need to free ourselves from the trap of white guilt which the "Liberal" indoctrinators lured us into when we were naive and trusting schoolkids (see [3] for an eye-opening video). We need to let them taste the very same medication that they are pushing down our throats. 

We need to fight back as fiercefully and mericilessly as they attack us or they will continue this political surgery performed on our nation, a national castration if you will, until they drive us to our ultimate extinction.   


[1] Palin Announces No Second Term (video 22:14)

[2] Sarah Palin GOP Convention Part 5 (video 3:31)

[3] A Conversation About Race (video 58:52)

A real eye-opener - fast forward to min 53:00


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