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Liberation and Socialism


The Marching Morons?



By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


March 29, 2006


On June 14, 1940, after jumping the French border and mass "migrating" into their neighbor country, countless Wehrmacht troops under red (national-socialist) flags with black swastikas proudly paraded in Paris. Their march under Arch of Triumph on Place de L'Etoile and down the Champs Ellisee to the Place de la Concorde was peaceful and safe. Due to necessary precautions of the parade organizers and the city's French military governor, General Hering, who declared Paris "an open town", and due to goodness of the parading troops, there were no incidents or eruptions of violence, and no one was hurt. (Thanks God!).



On March 25, 2006, Mexican invading hordes (a.k.a. "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented border crossers"), joined by small reinforcements from other Latin American countries as well as American members of the Hispanic Fifth Column, were marching on the streets of Los Angeles, California, many under the Mexican green-white-and-red flags with brown eagles, arrogantly showing their nationalism and shouting "Yes, we can [defeat America]" in Spanish. Local authorities' only concern was that the half million invaders parade be "safe", as it was after Mayor Antonio Villa-Raigosa declared the city "undocumented immigrant" sanctuary, so they congratulated themselves a splendid job afterwards because, reportedly, no one was hurt. Feds could have rounded the marching illegals up right on the spot and deport them to their countries of origin (most likely, to Mexico) after verifying their immigration status. As so many times before, they did nothing.



No one thought of offering German troopers a path to French citizenship in 1940, or to encourage them to join any of French political parties in order to secure their future votes. As of now, the U.S. Senate, reportedly influenced by the march of half million Mexicans in L.A. and the demands of Mexican Presidente Fox administration, is debating a bill (that has already gained Senate Judiciary Committee approval, to cheers of TV viewers in Mexico City) that would legalize 12 to 20 million illegal "immigrants" already in this country and give them a chance of becoming American citizens in the future. And Democratic and Republican establishment is already promising them favors should they join the party or commit their votes.



The U.S. media, saturated with Hispanics and other minorities that have a tendency to side with Mexicans, downplayed the entire event. On local news in L.A., short videos from the protest were shown briefly between the baseball news and the report of a car accident. TV reporters and newscasters were talking about the march casually, if not cheerfully, as if it was a picnic or a Sinko de Mayo celebration, and not the blatant violation of America's sovereignty - an unmasked threat, an ultimatum or blackmail, if you will, to overthrow the American government should the conditions of our surrender be not to the invaders' liking. It was presented like a natural consequence of the "undocumented" exercising their "constitutional rights" that no American citizen worth of this name should ever question or doubt, or else he would risk being called a "racist", "nativist", or a "xenophobe". Even Adolf Hitler and his propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels would not invent a slicker trick to silence French's reservations towards mass "migration" of Germanic people to France during that summer of 1940.



Hostile intent



Since I remember, Mexicans were never good at hiding their adversarial position towards the U.S., a big part of which they consider their Mexican "homeland". In February 1998, after the U.S. soccer team won with Mexico in Los Angeles Coliseum, Mexican crowd booed our national anthem, threw fruits and trash on American fans who applauded the U.S. team, and spat upon U.S. players (there were reports of beer bottles filled with urine thrown at these players) as they left the field - in their own country.



President Bush and what seems like a majority of Senators, although perfectly aware of what's going on, pretend that the U.S. is not being invaded by unassimilating and rebellious, if not outright hostile, hordes, and act as if the only wish of the invaders were to become model American citizens and to contribute to the betterment of the American society. (It's like if a thug was mugging them at gunpoint but they insisted that they're giving away their wallet as a handout, out of pure charity and compassion.) But for those of you who still have doubts what is the real purpose of millions of Mexicans "visits" to the U.S., consider this. If the "migrants" suffered so much injustice and exploitation in the U.S. as they claim they did, then why wouldn't they go back to that paradise on Earth that their native country, Mexico, must appear to them? Why do millions of them come illegally here despite the deadly risk and the high cost associated with border illegal crossing? The answer is simple: they came here as conquerors and not immigrants, and are not going to give up their new breeding grounds that they just colonized on behalf of their race (which they refer to as "La Raza").



Mexican nationalists and revisionists, which group seems to comprise most of Mexican populace, both in Mexico and in the U.S., don't even try to hide what their true intentions are. “With all due respect to Uncle Sam, this shows that Los Angeles has never stopped being ours,” said a reporter on the Televisa television network, referring to a "Saturday march in Los Angeles that drew an estimated 500,000, mainly Mexicans." Tell me that he was talking about Mexican "migrants" desire to become Americans and to contribute to the U.S. economy and to the betterment of the American society. (Horse's feather.)



So, it's not about immigration reform. It's not about multiculturalism and diversity, although these incoherent ideas contributed greatly to our weakness as a nation. It's not about social justice because the workers are exploited and denied basic rights mostly in Mexico and rarely in the U.S., and yet the demonstrators showed with waving their Mexican flags their strong attachment to the country that, ostensibly, hurt them so much that they had to flee it. It's not even about allowing illegal aliens and border crossers to become U.S. citizens, eventually. It's all about Mexicans demanding their "right" to breed on our land and pre-empt from us the greatest country on Earth that we and our ancestors built, the highways, the bridges, the magnificent buildings, the state of the art production facilities, and the shining cities, all in the name and on behalf of Mexico whose green-white-and-red flag they are waving in a brazen demonstration of their nationalism as any invading army would. And, like a victorious army, they are already dictating us the terms of surrender.



True colors



But nowhere the hostility of the demonstrators towards the U.S. was so obvious as during Hispanic (mostly Mexican) students' walk-outs in Los Angeles and Orange counties that accompanied and followed the 500,000 man parade. Angry students, waving Mexican flags and cheering themselves up in Spanish with "Yes, we can [overthrow American government]" openly showed their nationalism, admitted their illegal immigration status, and demanded "same rights as everyone else". That means, among other things, the right to vote, the right to elect and be elected, the right to march on the streets, the right to overthrow the government if it doesn't follow their will, and, eventually, the right to tax and redistribute American wealth among needy Mexicans. German troopers in France would not have hoped for more.



Tuesday morning, I saw these students being interviewed by Channel 11 (FOX) reporter. Although she tried, as much as she could, put in their mouth that they are for immigration reform (whatever she meant by that), the students were very clear. They said they demonstrated because they believed that every Mexican had a right to come to the U.S. and take advantage of whatever we built here. That's all theirs, they thought. Blatant nationalism of the demonstrators was obvious. They weren't asking to become Americans. They waved their Mexican flags and not American flags to make it clear on behalf of which nation they protest. And as to their being, allegedly, exploited and oppressed in America, it sufficed to take a look at their well fed, if not obese, and well dressed bodies that hardly any exploited and oppressed worker in Mexico and other Third World countries can ever exhibit.



Even appearance of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villa-Raigosa, a well known supporter of Mexican "rights" to American Southwest and a loyal, albeit former, member of Mexican chauvinist organization M.E.Ch.A., did not sooth the demonstrating students; when, after siding with them and their cause, he asked them to return to schools, he was met with taunts and obscenities in Spanish.



Years of appeasement



But what can one expect after years of bowing to Mexican lobby? We celebrate Chavez day, fund bi-lingual (read: Hispanic-centered) education and Chicano Studies from state coffers, and tolerate explosion of Spanish-speaking TV networks on American ether (despite FCC power to curtail that). As a result, we have played powerful tools of persuasion into hands of Mexican nationalists who have worked diligently for years now to make the events of past few days happen. In particular, Spanish language media, always loyal to their Mexican nation and never on the side of the U.S. and Americans, were giving marching orders to the demonstrators (actually instructing them to not show too much of their true colors, which explains why students walkouts appeared more hostile and nationalistic than the main march in L.A. was).



For about four decades now, children of Mexican "migrants" have been taught by American teachers revisionist history that presents Mexican claims to Spanish succession (which, they insist, includes the American Southwest) as if these claims were legally sound and uncontested. Chicano Studies' standard "history" textbook that is used across the U.S. is titled "Occupied America" and its contents fully reflects its title. It portrays Americans as oppressors and Mexicans as their victims, and calls for their (Mexicans', that is) "liberation". It creates a presumption on part of Mexican nationalists that they have the "right" to violate our border and break our laws in order to "take back" what they claimed for 24 years was theirs some 150 years ago. (Only in a bird's brain of "Hispanic" illegal, leftist agitator, or otherwise well-meaning person brainwashed by a leftist agitator any of the above nonsensical claims can be accepted as truth.)



Without all these things that we did in order to appease them, there would be no 500,000 Mexicans brazenly parading on the streets of LA while local law enforcement hopelessly watched the gigantic traffic jam caused by the parade and yielded to the power of Mexican marchers’ sheer numbers. We were weakened to the point where we cannot defend this country against invasion, even though invaders are mostly unarmed.



Bolshevik-style revolution is coming



The expansion of Mexican nation at the expense of the U.S. was not the only message that the parading hordes of invaders were conveying to us. Somewhere between Mexican flags and posters with territorial claims (like "If you think i'm 'illegal' because i'm a Mexican learn history because i'm in my HOMELAND"), there were political messages that must have frightened those familiar with ideas of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. "Revolution is a solution" (in Spanish), "Liberation [of "Occupied America", I guess] and socialism", and pictures of "Che" Guevara did not leave any doubt of political orientation of the protests' organizers.



And this is something that should give the owners of tract MacMansions, busy with paying their bills, a lot to thing of. Today, millions of Mexicans invade our country and give themselves "right" to it, although they were not the ones who built it, because their native country cannot provide decent subsistence for their rapidly growing population. Tomorrow they will come, with their countless kids, to your tract MacMansion and demand that you let them move into your house, because there are so many of them, and there is just you, your wife, and your two kids in your big house. As soon as they are in, they will claim that "no tenant is illegal" and demand that they be added to the title of your property.



You may think it's not going to happen. But didn't they show they have no respect for our border and the laws (that Mexican Catholic priests dismiss as "man-made laws")? Didn't they make it clear, and at many occasions, that they will disobey any laws that inconvenience them as soon as they believe they can get away with it? Who do you thing will defend you, then? Your government that is currently debating how to best give in to the demands of the invaders and their Mexican government? (President Bush just flew to Mexico to report to Presidente Fox his progress with “migratory accord” that Fox has been demanding for many years now.) Your mayor and police chief who couldn't even stop them for paralyzing traffic in the center of the city? Or the Supreme Court that seems to believe that eminent domain gives local authority (or whoever controls it) the right to evict legal owners from their homes? I don't think so. You will be on your own. And imagine what they will be up to when there are 100 million Mexicans and heir Spanish-speaking descendents in the U.S. to further support their demands for "social justice".



So, decide for yourself. Stand up and defend this country against Mexican invasion, or sit back and hope that the U.S. Senate and the President will negotiate good terms of surrender on your behalf. If marching hordes with Mexican flags on the streets of L.A. (and 101 Freeway last Monday) didn't open your eyes, nothing will. I am sure, Mexican illegals will become equally good and productive citizens of the country they "migrated" to as the German troopers would, should any one get the idea of offering them French citizenship in summer of 1940.






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