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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


October 3, 2006




I watched with a dose of disbelief how the story of U.S. Rep. Mark Foley (Republican – Florida), who got caught sending quasi-erotic e-mails to teen aged boys, developed since the ABC brought it up last week. The titles of the news that swept the country coast-to-coast and circulated on the Internet were escalating: “Rep. Foley Quits In Page Scandal” (that looked intriguing since I didn’t know what a “page scandal” was), “Rep. Foley Resigns Over Explicit E-Mails” (rather an interesting use of adjective explicit for those who read these e-mails), “Congressman Resigns After Internet Sex Scandal with Young Boys” (someone must have had impressively long private parts in order to accomplish that over the Internet), “The Florida Republican was known to have an interest in younger men, Capitol Hill workers say” (no more tolerance for gays, I guess), “Pressure Grows for Republicans Over Foley Scandal” (as if the Republicans were responsible), “Some Say Party Could Lose House and Senate” (whoa, now it’s really going to somewhere), and “Resign, Mr. Speaker”. My jaw dropped here - the only one missing was Declare State of National Emergency, Mr. President”.


Don't we have bigger problems?


Our legal system is full of loopholes that allow 10 to 20 million illegal aliens blatantly violate this nation and get away with it. U.S. Border Patrol agents have their hands tied with nonsensical laws and regulations that even prohibit them pursuits of illegal border crossers so that est. one million Mexicans a year "migrate" to the U.S. as they please in order to claim "their" share in American dream. Once here, the invaders brazenly march on American streets (see [1]) in hundreds of thousands demanding political power (and part of the U.S. government seems ready to surrender to their demands), with some of them going as far as to call for sending all white Americans "back" to Europe.


Do you want to know scandal?


The Immigration and Nationality Act defines noun "immigrant" (see [2]) in such broad terms that almost every single human being on this planet outside of the U.S. falls into the category of "immigrant", and even troopers of the invading army would qualify as “immigrants” should another country launch a war against the U.S. This is scandal. The U.S. Senate passed a bill, in May 2006 (see [3]), that, if enacted into law, would offer 10 to 20 million illegal aliens (plus tens of millions of their family members) legalization of their "immigration" status, and even a "path to U.S. citizenship". This is scandal. ICE (formerly known as INS) does not enforce the immigration laws against illegals, except in a miniscule percentage of violations. This is scandal. And the Commander-in-Chief, whose foremost duty is to defend this nation against foreign invasion, repeatedly refused to stop the Mexican hostile takeover of America (see [4]). This is scandal.


Funny thing, ABC and other networks' anchors and the so-called "mainstream" media reporters, ostensibly so committed to zeroing in all weaknesses of American political and administrative system, didn't find enough criticism to come down on any of the above scandals. They did crack, though, on the Republican-controlled House and, quite interestingly, did so right after the House Republicans had begun to listen to their constituencies and passed the 700 miles border fence bill while refusing to bow to the Senate and President’s pressure (see [5]) to approve the Senate’s illegal alien amnesty bill.


The nation that is more concerned with what one gay member of the House e-mailed to a teenager while drunk than what the hundreds of other Congressmen in both chambers are doing or not doing to stop, or to promote, the million-man invasion of America by Mexican illegals, is doomed to fall. So, if you, my dear reader, have any sense of priority and don’t want America to fall pray to the invading Mexican hordes, then, please, make sure to cast your vote next month, and do so wisely. Despite all the distractions with “scandals” like Foley’s, and causes like abortion and gay rights that should be put on back burner in these hard times of massive assault on our country and what it stands for, working together we will send all the anti-American traitors and the unwilling defenders of our nation packing.


Remember November. The future of our country hangs on you vote.





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