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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


July 25, 2008



The walls between [...] natives and immigrants [...] cannot stand. These now are walls we must tear down.

[Sen. Barrack Hussein Obama’s speech in Berlin, July 24, 2008]


I watched with disbelief Sen. Obama's performance in Berlin, yesterday. Without a shade of hesitation or self-restraint, apparently not intimidated by the fact that he was being watched all over the world by much more sophisticated audiences than he was, he unveiled his moon reaching, grandiose plans that, apparently, he had no specific idea how to implement. I kept replaying his speech over and over again and I couldn't find in it anything except a well delivered but empty rhetoric, masterfully read from the script.


On the surface, Obama's speech resembled famous speeches by President Kennedy and President Reagan. Simple worlds, bold statements, straight talk about some most difficult and controversial issues that we are facing today. His body language and appearance was reminiscent of John Kennedy's when he spoke at the beginning of his first presidential visit in Paris. But there the similarities ended as there was no crushing force behind Obama’s rhetoric that would lend it credibility of the statements made by the President of the U.S.


So, it appeared, it was all pretenses. Obama's mentors in Harvard taught him well how to present himself as if he had this profound understanding and vision of the world that one could expect from leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. I couldn’t help invoking Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” famous play on similar subject.


Obama is a talented orator, and undisputedly so. The problem is that he talks, and with great confidence, about issues that obviously are more complex than his simplistic "one world" vision is. A vision that reminds me of utopian socialist theories (that Obama, or whoever wrote his speech, brought to a new, global level) preached for a century an half by Marx and his followers until their efforts turned into sweeping socio-economic disasters that wrecked the nations that were caught on socialism’s false promises.


I wish the world were as simple as the one of Sen. Obama's comprehension because then we would have solved all its problems by now and enjoy harmony, co-operation, and friendship between all the people all over the globe, regardless of their race, culture, and religion. But his naive recipe for a cure, more appropriate for The Beatles ("Make love not war") than for an aspiring presidential hopeful, seems based on a fiction that wars, violence, crime, exploitation, and poverty are solely caused by malice and evil in some people's hearts. So, all it takes to eradicate them is to just say "No" to these undesirable but mental things, and start working together for global prosperity and happiness.


Nowhere in Obama's view is there a room for acknowledgement that there are objective reasons for the serious problems that humanity has faced for several millennia now, and that without addressing these root causes our efforts to make world a better place to live will be as futile as layman's enthusiastic but hopeless attempts to build a perpetual motion machine. He, apparently, is not aware that irresponsible over-breeding of the “less fortunate”, paired with steady decline of population of the productive and the intellectually talented, inevitably leads to shortages of food and resources that are needed to maintain our high living standards that our Western civilization has offered. He, obviously, is unaware that the “progress” and “change” that he champions (albeit, verbally only) will put us back to Malthusian era when the vast majority of people worked their butts off just to subsist their overgrown populations.


And his call to tear down "the walls" between the nations strongly suggests that he has no idea what the root causes of wars and other undesirable phenomena are, indeed. At the time when mass and mostly illegal immigration is slowly but steadily turning half of the U.S. into a Third-World country, bringing with it overpopulation, mental dullness, illiteracy, poverty, crime, and violence on an unprecedented scale, his call to remove the border wall that is being built, however reluctantly, on our Southern border with Mexico is enough indication of a disaster his wishful thinking will bring upon our heads. To see for yourself how half-baked, to say the least, his ideas for improvement are, ask him if he also plans to tear down the fence that surrounds the White House in order to reconnect the ruling elite with We the People, again.


Does his race play a role in all this? I believe it does, but not in a way that Liberal racism-busters would like us think of it. If it weren't for his mixed ancestry, he - most likely - wouldn't have assumed the position of a "citizen of the world" who, apparently, considers loyalty to his country on par with his commitment to one world with no borders, or one people without the walls that separate them or protect one from expansion of the other. For if he did "look like the Americans who've previously spoken in this great city", he would have been more likely to perceive himself loyal to his fellow Americans rather than playing post-national globalist who considers it a bigotry when someone born in Mexico, Kenya, or Afghanistan or in any other country of the world is denied  his God-given right to immigrate to the United States of America and to claim his part of American dream there. He would, probably, feel more like one of us than one of them when he said: "People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment, this is our time."


Sen. Obama appeared naive and amateurish in Berlin, yesterday. No doubt why the Democratic Party is desperate for naive voters that may find candidates like him credible and attractive. There is a reason why their Left-leaning activists want to lower the voting age (in order to allow more voters like the ones in his audience in Berlin, pictured here by CBS video, that were lured to the event by a free rock concert before the Obama's speech) and to grant convicted felons, a group that is notorious for low IQ, the voting rights. I hope that he doesn't win because if he does, it will just show that na´vetÚ has prevailed among the American electorate.




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