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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


October 25, 2008


I am proud of being white and am sick and tired of being forced to feel racial guilt for sins that I and my ancestors did not commit. I disapprove of half-century old attempts to give my country away to about anyone just because he is not white, to re-write its history into a collection of white-bashing smears, and to turn this once most prominent cornerstone of Western civilization into a Third-World country ruled by free riders who consider white race as the root cause of their collective lack of success. And I will not begin or end my statements with "I am not a racist" semi-apology.


After all, it appears that "racist"1 is a code word for "white". How stupid, in the eyes of those who use it, a white who declares "I am not a racist" must appear. It does shed a new light on warnings like this: "We don’t need racists in America," doesn’t it? And since both Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are white, it was only a matter of time when the ubiquitous "r "-epithet was used on them (albeit implicitly) by a Liberal columnist from Kansas City Star.





A nation no more


When I tell my Liberal colleagues that what we see these days is an engineered large-scale displacement of whites in the U.S. that will lead to political takeover by non-whites, they flatly dismiss my concerns. They don't see (or at least they say so) anything permanent or irreversible in the recent shift of political power to the Left, nor are they frightened with blacks and other "under-represented" minorities' infiltration of American political structures and rising to positions of influence and power while openly maintaining their ethnic identity or - should I say - contempt of the white majority. They insist it's ridiculous to even suggest that whites will be reduced to subservient role in the U.S. just like they have been in Republic of South Africa. And, of course, they don't notice a pattern or a trend in gradual expulsion of anything of consequence that could be characterized as "white" from the public life, and gradually but steadily replacing it with ethno-centered individuals, groups, organizations, and dogmas. "Nothing will really change," they say, even though the first black president in the making, who apparently holds some deep grudges against the race of his white mother, uses noun "change" as the main leitmotiv of his presidential campaign.


Well, it seems obvious to me that we are approaching a point of no return, a well orchestrated and thoughtfully prepared takeover of America by ethnic minorities whose main unifying denominator is that they are mildly, moderately, or radically anti-white. Like an army advancing into a foreign territory, they install their spies, organize their collaborators into a well functioning fifth column, exercise political pressure on the defendants' (ours, that is) government in order to discourage any meaningful defense from the coming attack, form beachheads and strongholds, and, eventually, will take over by force whatever is still not under their control. And the central command of the invasion is well hidden and safely sheltered behind the attackers' front lines so that most of us don't even have an idea who these commanders really are.


Yet the ultimate goal of that engineered "demographic" shift is not the empowerment of blacks or other "oppressed" minorities. It's stripping the white majority of their political power and, eventually, turning them into an irrelevant minority in the country that they and their ancestors built from scratch.



There is a method in this madness


To see where our country is headed one needs to look where did we come from.


Here is what Sen. Ted Kennedy said in the U.S. Congress in 1965 on the occasion of passing Immigration and Nationality Act, in order to silence the critics who were concerned that the U.S. will lose its national identity as a result of that Act:


"What the bill will not do: First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same. [...] Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset. [...] Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S. 500 will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area [...]."


Nothing of what he had said turned true, and I have no doubt that he never believed in what he said, either. But that is only half of the story. Today's Liberals dismiss Kennedy's defense as irrational fear of "good thing" coming to America. They claim now (for instance, Wikipedia gained notoriety for posting such claims) that the dramatic change that occurred after the Act became the law was desirable, so that the only wrong thing with the Act was that its proponents did not welcome the upset that it brought on out heads.


How typical.


Based on the above pattern, I can easily guess that if Sen. Obama is elected (which at this point seems like a fifty-fifty bet), a decade or two later the U.S. not only will become a neo-socialist country with nose-diving economy ruled by an anti-white political party, where whites will pay reparations to blacks as well as to Latinos and other "oppressed" minorities of the world, and will be subjected to systematic racial anti-white discrimination here and elsewhere, but also those responsible for that sorry state of affairs will claim that it is the best thing that ever happened to America.


And if the Liberals dismiss my projections, remember the sweeping consequences of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that they had summarily dismissed, too, but now are praising as "desirable".


Also, remember that half a century ago, black leaders said that all they dreamt of was to live in a color-blind society, where Dr. King's children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. But as soon blacks were granted their wish by allegedly "racist" majority a few decades later, they say it's not enough anymore.


That's right. It's not enough, nor will it ever be enough, as long whites are more than a highly skilled and productive workforce that pays for the education and well-being of inner city black kids and care-free if not lavish lifestyles of their parents, never mind subsidizing explosive population growth of poor peoples of color in Africa, South America, and elsewhere.



Affirmative action in presidential election politics


When I read an article in Kansas City Star insinuating that "socialist" is but a code word for "black", my jaw dropped. Here we see a mediocre presidential hopeful with noteworthy demagogical talents who would've never had a chance of becoming the media-acclaimed front runner if he weren't black, and yet there are some who try to make us believe that he is a victim and not a beneficiary of racial discrimination, while at the same time implicitly charging Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin, who characterized Sen. Obama as a "socialist", with racism.


Race is a factor in coming presidential elections but in a totally opposite sense to what most of the “mainstream” media and Liberal pundits are insinuating.


The fact is that in recent history no serious contender for the Oval Office was given a pass by the majority of the mass media on so many serious weaknesses and unanswered questions as Sen. Obama has been.


He portrays himself as a champion of a "change", but with no meaningful specific of what and how is he going to change. He promises to revamp the economy, but without revealing any specific plan for economic improvement (never mind his total lack of executive experience). He vows to lower taxes of 95 percent of Americans, but without indication of how is he going to fund these tax cuts (except for his Robin Hoodian pledge to increase taxes on the top 5 percent of income earners). And yet the majority of mass media let him get away with his mostly empty promises and half-baked ideas.


The thinness of his resume and a lack of meaningful experience for the job of the country's top executive officer has been largely ignored. Although the "mainstream" media sent hundreds of reporters to Alaska to investigate every detail of Gov. Palin past, we still don't know Sen. Obama's academic record, his expertise, if any, in domestic policy and international affairs (except for his unspecified experience as a black "community organizer"), his real political orientation (I and many others assume that he is a socialist but the media deny it without offering any convincing alternative characterization), and any proof of his place of birth and citizenship.


True, he has a pleasant baritone voice that makes him sound confident, truthful, and trustworthy, but so has O.J. Simpson.


One can make all the (disgusting) jokes about Gov. Palin and broadcast them coast-to-coast on all but one major TV networks, but cracking jokes on Obama, his empty promises, his body language (he walks more like a rapper or a high school buddy than a president), and his facial features (like his big ears or un-presidential hair style) is an "off-limits" taboo that would border on blasphemy.


I asked one of my Liberal colleagues if he can't notice a blatant double standard here. "Well", he said, "ridiculing powerless minorities will not be tolerated in America." Yeah, right. The "powerless" guy is on his way to rule the entire country, which prospect he must enjoy a lot, judging from his self-indulgence with the attributes of political power, like a fancy colonnade built to provide appropriately imperial backdrop for his coronation (I mean, nomination) speech. And he is an attorney, too!


This kind of affirmative action in presidential election politics is not surprising, because that is exactly how so many blacks and other "under-represented" minorities are admitted to Ivy League universities and hired to well-paid jobs in American industry and academia. (Recently, this is also how they qualify for home loans.)


The standards that they are judged against are substantially lower than those that whites and Asians must meet in order to advance. Compared to the latter, they are given higher scores for lower achievement. An essay on negative experiences from childhood and school years will make up for a low AST/ACT score. An involvement in out-of-classroom (usually, political left-leaning) activities will substitute for a failed test. A history of racial discrimination will justify candidate's thin resume. And, as we just saw in this presidential contest, a vaguely described work as a "community organizer" will satisfy the requirement for executive experience.


As of today, Sen. Obama's academic record at Columbia College remains sealed, so we can only speculate if and how affirmative action helped him through the college and to Harvard's Law School. But if he has been so bright and hard working student then why his grades have been declared "off limits"?


Is it because "mediocre" is yet another old word code for "black"?



For Liberals, bad is ... being unapologetically white


Sarah Palin and her all-American family are a living example of what's good with my race (everything, that is). They are authentic, honest, friendly, hard-working, patriotic, attractive, fit, and successful. Just compare them to any Liberal celebrity (Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, or Woody Allen) and you will get the idea. Yet they have been under constant unprecedented attack from the "mainstream" media since Sen. McCain picked Gov. Palin as his running mate.


Some pundits (including Bill Clinton) seem to not understand why.


Well, Gov. Palin’s main disqualification from the vice-presidency of the U.S. (or from any federal position of power in that matter) is not her lack of a law degree from Harvard. It's not her not guessing which Bush's doctrine had Charlie Gibson in mind while interviewing ("condescending on" seems like a more adequate term here) her. It's not her executive experience in "small" town and "fringe" state of Alaska. It's not even her mainstream conservatism that she is unashamed of.


Her main disqualification, in the eyes of the Liberal elites and the media that they control, is being unapologetically white while campaigning, and doing so in style and class that many of the members of the so-called "establishment" are lacking.


I would not be surprised if the "political correctness" police issued Gov. Palin a ticket for CWW (campaigning while white). That would summarize pretty well the direction that America is going.



Footnotes 1 (Added January 10, 2009) The opposite of racist, in the Liberal-promoted meaning of a race-conscious white (all non-whites are race-conscious, or so it seems) aware of the genetic differences between racial and ethnic groups, is cuckold: an individual who genuinely doesn’t mind to compromise continuation of his own genetic lineage in order to help others to continue their genetic lineage.  [top]





[1] Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black


[2] Latinos driving growth in U.S.




Readers’ comments:  "I love this column!" [Matt]


"Read every word. Oh, if I could write like him!"


"[…] the article itself is new and a breath of fresh air […]"


"Mark hits the nail on the head. He has stated perfectly what is happening to this country and why. The leftist (and neocon) brainwashed Whites, such as Ted Kennedy are our biggest enemy and they have done so much harm to our race and nation that it is unforgivable. So when someone calls you a racist, take it as a compliment and ignore it. It means you know the truth and "they" cannot tolerate that in any way shape or form. Let them stew in their own "anti-racist" delusions. "


"We are taught and expected to be ashamed we are White."


"To you Whites who are so afraid of being called a "racist", wear it with pride, because you know WHY that word is flung at you."


"There's plenty of other code names to describe all of us,

and we'll soon need them all when we're all sitting in the back of the bus."



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