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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


May 14, 2006



Per, "[f]ormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich is warning that the immigration bill [de facto amnesty for 11+ million illegal aliens] favored by Senate Republicans [...] will make the average American `furious' [...] and will hurt the GOP. `I am very worried that the Republican leadership in the Senate and potentially the White House are just going to end up very alienated from the vast majority of Americans on this issue,' Gingrich told Human Events in an exclusive interview. `The Senate bill is an absolute disaster' " (quotation from [1]).


Apparently, the majority of GOP senators (and Democratic senators, for that matter) are not worried about alienation of their party from its constituency, and stubbornly proceed towards passing of the unpopular "don't you dare to call it amnesty" amnesty bill.  And I am nor surprised, although I am deeply disappointed, that they are doing just that. Judging from the fact how weakly many of them have been attached to their party's principles, they should have no problems with switching party ranks should the November elections bring a substantial change of the distribution of power in the U.S. House. After all, statesmen like “Sometimes Republican” Senator Arlen Specter and “Republican In Name Only” Senator John McCain will feel equally at home (or alienated, if you will) in the Democratic Party as they do in the Republican Party. (I am sure that those more familiar with Democratic Senators may identify similar switchable individuals in the Democratic Party, too; just remember how wealthy – like Senator John Kerry - and tax evading – like Senator Edward Kennedy - the staunchest defenders of the poor are.)


Taking into account how well the majority of the Senators adjust to the sweeping changes of political situation, social structure, and demographic composition of the U.S. that were brought with mass and mostly illegal immigration from Mexico and other Third World countries, the current team on the Capitol Hill will serve the new emerging majority of Mexican descent about as well as they serve the current citizenry. They showed so much flexibility and readiness to yield to the demand of the day, which attributes greatly enhance their political survivability, that no one should doubt that such details as party affiliation, political believes (if any), or even national allegiance, would not impair their ability to deliver to whoever they consider their principal customer.


In order to recognize this remarkable capability, I propose that an annual award of Congressional Political Chameleon (with the title of Swimmer of the Year as an informal equivalent) be established. Although I would not like to suggest here who the winner of this award should be, the first Senator who greets the invading hordes with a warm welcome and promises to help them take over the U.S. could be considered at least as a serious contender.




[1] Gingrich: Republicans 'drifting toward disaster'



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