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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


May 4, 2008



Yesterday, I watched CNN video (see [1]) of “immigration”1 marches in Los Angeles that took place on traditional May 1 communist holiday. Unlike two years ago (see [2]), the demonstrators were carrying the American flags, the star spangled banners, that were supposed to indicate their loyalty to the U.S. of America and not to their native nations (mostly, Mexico). But when I looked closer at the flags that were flying in the background, I noticed something fishy.



I saw something embossed on it; it could have been a hammer and sickle, quite an appropriate emblem for the communist holiest May 1 holiday. But when I kept looking, I realized that it was something else, an Aztec snake and eagle that makes the emblem of Mexico. Now I could see through the American flag the familiar vertical green, white, and red stripes, too.




I had no doubts, while one side of the banner that I saw on TV was undoubtedly an American flag, the other side, which you and I were not supposed to see, was a Mexican flag.


Later, on the same video (see [1]), I saw Casey Wian reporting live from the march, with similar two-sided flag flying behind his head (on the left side of the picture) showing the star and stripes side to the American viewers.



But when the wind unexpectedly changed, the other side of the flag showed its Mexican colors for a moment to the cameras. Only a few were able to notice it. Here it is.



There is an important lesson for us, Americans, to learn from this small but defining detail. In a typically Freudian way it tells us what is really going on here. The two sided flag, whose only one side you and I were supposed to see on TV, is an expression of two sided loyalty of Mexican “immigrants” in the U.S. Its purpose is to deceive us on the real intentions and true colors of Mexican “immigrants”1. They may claim they love America and want her to be their new motherland, but as soon as the wind changes, so does their loyalty. And when the time for the takeover comes, their vocal and rebellious activists will make sure that no “Latino” will be left on America’s side. A lesson to remember for all those who keep telling us that it is nothing wrong with letting tens of millions of self-selected “immigrants” move into the U.S. because they will assimilate and become model Americans, just like you and me.


Yeah, right. If there was nothing wrong with it then why are they trying do deceive us while their numbers are exponentially growing?


The above incident, although a cause of concern for all patriotically-minded Americans, was not nearly as eyebrow-rising as was the tone of the speeches that “Latino” activists delivered in front of the protesters (those who were watching the Mexican side of the two-sided banner). The way the Mexicans barked their blatant demands in their macho Mexican-Spanish, particularly those I watched on live video by ABC from Chicago (video not available now), was reminiscent of NAZI revisionists of 1920ties and 1930ties who demanded revisions of Germany’s “unjust” border and allowing unrestricted mass “immigration” of Germanic people into their “historic” lands (which they situated mostly in Eastern Europe).


Fortunately for us, Mexico, unlike Hitler’s Germany, is military irrelevant. But with so many morons, “Latinos”, and Liberals (not these three are mutually exclusive categories) influencing our “immigration” policy and its enforcement (or rather a lack thereof), who needs an army to conquer and settle the America’s lands? They will sneak in here illegally in tens of millions and keep multiplying with current rate (about 3.5% per annum, which doubles their population in about 20 years), and once they are a majority here (which is likely to happen in about 50 years is the current trends continue, in about 20 years after the American-Mexican border is abolished so that all Mexicans can move freely into the U.S. in order to breed here the new generation of ruling majority), they will drop the U.S. half from their two-sided flag and leave the Mexican green, white and red, with Aztec snake and eagle emblem, flying over what once was our country.


If that was my choice, I would round them up, right on the street, all the ungrateful rebellious illegals who have guts to demand “rights” after they blatantly disrespected our border and our laws (not that they respect the laws of their native countries any better), and deport them right where they came from. And don’t try to sell to me this cow manure that we are unable to do so. I am too old to get caught on such a primitive lie.




Footnotes 1. I use nouns “immigrants” and “immigration” in quotation marks in the context of this article because most of the protesters and those on whose favor they marched were not real immigrants but illegal aliens. And it is not just a matter of “documentation” or “formalistic legality” that distinguishes most of illegals from the real immigrants. The real immigrants come to America because they admire our country for what she is and stands for. They respect our laws, our culture, way of living, and language, and, therefore, want to become true Americans and productive members of American society. They wait patiently in line until we tell them: “You may come now, we invite you”. They don’t need any amnesty and have usually no problems with obtaining a driver’s license. In contrast to real immigrants, the illegals come here self-invited, whether we want them here or not. Actually, they claim that that’s their God-given right to impose themselves upon us, and that we have no say in this matter. They deem it our duty to accept all the needy persons who “want to improve their lives”, and to offer them (good paying and secure) jobs, benefits, and public assistance just on their say so. Like Hitler’s Nazis, they raise irredentist claims on behalf of their nation (mostly, Mexico) and some of them go as far as to demand that all white Americans be sent “back” to Europe. And last, but not least, so many of them are under strong influence of Marxist/leftist/socialist agitators, as almost all the poor in Latin America are, that they begin their push for re-making our country to their socialist liking about as soon as they put their feet on American soil.



Readers’ comments: Great piece! I totally agree. Where was ICE? Where was Chertoff? Why wasn't every protester/marcher checked for immigration status in every major city? Think of the time and money that could be saved trying to find them when they are right there in a huge crowd!”


“... I say round them all up and SEND them back to the countries they came from ... Learn to speak ENGLISH ... You can thank George Bush and everyone in Washington for the mess we are in with the illegals ...”


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[1] CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight Video “Immigration Rallies Peaceful”


[2] Liberation and Socialism, or the Marching Morons?  (with photos)

Critical comments on 500,000 illegal immigrant demonstration in Los Angeles, March 25, 2006. Prediction of Bolshevik-style revolution coming.





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