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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


June 5, 2007



There are smooth talking politicians in Washington that want make us believe that our weakness is our strength. There are seasoned demagogues there who want to further weaken this nation by giving in to illegal “immigrants” demands, ostensibly, in order to make us stronger in our struggle against mass illegal “immigration”. There are morons and agitators who repeat at nauseam that although America cannot control its border and enforce its immigration laws today, as soon as we legalize 12 million+ (some suggest that the number is closer to 30 million) illegal aliens and put them and their families on a path to citizenship, we will somehow gain enough strength to reject their further predictable demands for bringing, with or without our permission, even more of their relatives and compatriots into the U.S.


Horse's feather.


If it's true what they say that we are too weak today to say "No" to mass illegal immigration, how can we become strong enough to enforce the border and the immigration laws after the amnesty bill that weakens us and strengthens our trespassers is passed? Millions of legalized illegal aliens will come out from the shadows and demand, in the open, further concessions on behalf of their feeder nations and their ethnic groups. The pressure to reduce the dominant American culture, language, and social fabric, to a subordinate role or, in other words, to "assimilate" the American nation to the newcomers who egoistically promote their genetic interest (by breeding like rabbits) at the expense of ours, will mount even higher.


We saw this happening after the disastrous 1986 amnesty had been passed and signed into the law when then insignificant nationalistic and ethno-centric organizations, like LULAC, MALDEF, La Raza, and others, abandoned their superficially pro-American camouflage and begun flexing their newly grown muscles while openly showing their true anti-American colors. Senator Kennedy already got his “compromise” in 1986 (never mind even more disastrous Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that he supported so vigorously, and with false rhetoric) but that’s not enough for him, although then-President Reagan who signed the amnesty hoping to cure the progressing disease of illegal “immigration” was left with nothing. Expect more of the same if the current proposal sees the President Bush’s desk.


Today, the number of those who want to displace Americans with Mexicans (and, perhaps, nationals from other Third-World countries) and to remake the U.S. to the liking of its new peoples, is still relatively small, yet they seem to have enough clout to violate our country, en masse and in many ways, and get away with it. Our elected officials are already dancing to their mariachi music and seem ready to surrender to their all demands. Imagine what will these social engineers and reconquistas accomplish should the numbers of their “constituencies” grow by tens of millions after the illegals are legalized (amnestied, if you will) and their numerous families brought into the U.S.


Some of the prominent figures in Washington are telling us that illegal immigration became so acute a problem that “something” has to be done with it. They claim that we have to “do something” with the 12 million+ (and coming) illegal aliens already here, and by “something” they don't mean to deport any of those, not even the violent gang members. As much as that it's true that Washington's inaction on the illegal immigration front is one of the root causes of the deadly serious situation that our nation is facing these days, it is utterly absurd to claim that we must, or should, give those who invaded our country and violated us and our laws against our will an upper hand by legally ceding on them the proceeds that they illegally gained at our expense. It could only be compared to granting a stubborn trespasser tenancy rights, with a path to the ownership of the property he kept trespassing, just to “do something” about the lingering trespassing problem. 


How about enforcing the border and the immigration laws for starters? How about not helping the illegal “immigrants” to root themselves, and comfortably so, in our country? How about not using American taxpayers’ money to finance activities of groups and organizations that help and instruct illegal “immigrants” how to avoid being caught by the immigration authorities? But this seems too revolutionary, or even un-American, an idea to our president and federal lawmakers. If this is not treachery then nothing is.


Interestingly enough, neither the president, his cabinet saturated with pro-Mexican individuals like Alberto Gonzales and Carlos Gutierrez, nor his pro-Hispanic cronies like Mel Martinez, never mind several capitulationist Republican Senators like Arlen Specter and John McCain, would entertain the idea that we need to surrender to the demands of Iraqi insurgents in order to get the situation there under our control. On the contrary, they claim that no concessions can be made, and the U.S. troops cannot be withdrawn, until the victory has been accomplished. So they know damn well that voluntarily yielding to adversary’s demands while not in a wining position is, generally, a stupid idea and a recipe for a disaster, if you will. Yet they refuse to apply the same logic when the million-man invading army of illegal “immigrants” crosses our border, floods our country, wrecks its infrastructure, and blatantly demands “their” share in American dream.   



The tide of citizens’ demands for enforcement of the border and the laws already on the books is rising. The so-called "mainstream" media and the Washington elites can no longer keep a lid on boiling emotions of millions of Americans dissatisfied with the politics of sellout, appeasement, surrender, and treachery. If there ever were a time for you, my fellow citizen, to stand up and be counted, or to donate to a pro-enforcement American organization, then that time, my friend, has come now.


So, please, get involved in this cause of extraordinary importance for the continuity of this nation as much as you can. The least you can do is to go to the Numbers USA website and send a free fax to your Senator and Congressman from there. Our better future and our national survival may depend on your resolve.   




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