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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


September 12, 2008



ABC’s anchor, Charlie Gibson, showed us how sensitive, tolerant, and respectful a true Liberal is. Well, except when he has a chance to grill a Conservative.


Gibson, to his all reputation as a courteous and mild-mannered journalist, couldn't have been more hostile and demeaning to Sarah Palin, the elected Governor of Alaska and Republican nominee for the Vice President of the United States, than he was during the "interview" (interrogation would have been more appropriate descriptor here) of her, the excerpts of which ABC has already posted on their website (see [1]).


The International Herald Tribune characterized Gibson's demeanor very aptly (see [2]): "Gibson, who sat back in his chair and wriggled his foot impatiently, had the skeptical, annoyed tone of a university president who agrees to interview the daughter of a trustee, but doesn't believe she merits admission."


When I saw it, I thought he acted more like a pissed-off judge questioning a notorious thief rather than like a university president. With his voice hinting irritation, towering his interviewee as if he tried to intimidate her with his manly posture and patronizing her in bad style, he interrogated Sarah Palin as if she were nobody of consequence that was submitted to his capricious judgment.


And then I remembered a movie made by another Gibson, Mel, that I saw the other year, and a recent comment by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., who said on the floor of the U.S. House: "Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, Pontius Pilate was a governor."


And finally, reminding myself that Liberals have exceptional talent in projecting their own characteristics and intentions on their opponents, I saw the light.


Charlie Gibson did not act like a university president or a judge.


He acted like Pontius Pilate who grilled Jesus trying to find in him a trace of guilt that could justify Jesus’ punishment. (No, I am NOT comparing Sarah to Him, nor do I imply that anyone is threatening her life or is causing her physical pain; it’s just that the unfair treatment she received reminded me of the bias and prejudice that He had experienced.)


And the crowd of Liberal-controlled media and TV networks was salivating on Sarah’s crucifixion (figuratively speaking).


As if she did something profoundly wrong.


As if her beliefs were a threat to America or were at odds with beliefs of the majority of citizens.


As if her qualifications and executive experience were absurdly marginal to let seek election as the Vice President of the United States


As if the candidate for the Presidency, the media darling, Barak Obama, were any better than she was in any of the above aspects.


(I would like to make it clear here that I do NOT compare Obama to Barabbas, although I know relatively little about him because the Liberal-controlled media didn't bother to grill him on the issues that are important for the American voters, like Gibson grilled Sarah Palin. For transcript of Gibson’s interview of Obama, see [3].)


Almost two thousand years passed and some things haven't changed much.


How interesting.


Sara Palin is our best hope to take our country back from the road to neo-socialism with globalist flavor that the Liberal establishment is so vigorously trying to push us on.



Note. Who in McCain/Palin campaign chose this "Pontius Pilate" Charles Gibson as the interviewer (or interrogator) of Sarah?  That person should be fired right away, or else he/she will inflict even more damage to our best hope for the change we need, Sarah Palin.



As for me, I am going to boycott all the companies that advertize at ABC until Charlie Gibson is removed from his post. I have a good reason to believe that this is the only language in which I can express my opinion of their journalism that they can understand.


(Added September 17, 2008) Below is a classic although still “subtle” example of anti-Palin media bias. So, why am I not surprised that Charlie Gibson did what he did? Does anyone at his right mind still claim that the vast majority of mass media are not a propaganda outlet for “Liberal” establishment or, like in the case of ABC, that they are not trying to decide the outcome of the presidential election? For all those who are afraid that a dictator may take the U.S. under oppressive control, don’t look any further. You just are witnessing it happening – the mass media rule.



US Weekly double standard



Readers’ comments:  Mark Dwyer is 100% correct. That is exactly how Charles Gibson behaved.”


Very astute read on the interview.”


Gibson truly was awful to Governor Palin. He is ignorant, unprofessional, biased, and rude. He did not know what the Bush Doctrine really was. He did not recognize the reference to Lincoln's prayer during war. He does not understand basic Christianity. His liberal bias was so evident he should have been introduced as being on the DNC staff. He attitude to the Governor was demeaning, pompous, and just plain nasty. The guy is a colossal jerk. She showed him up at every turn.“


“Hitting them in their pocketbook always works. I'm in for the boycott of ABC's advertisers.



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[1] Interview with Sarah Palin

This link has been disabled by the ABC as of September 12, 2008.

A snapshot of the interview is available here:

The edited version of the interview can be found here:


[2] Showing a Confidence, In Prepared Answers

[3] In 2007 Interview, ABC’s Gibson Greeted Obama With Softballs


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