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By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”


August 29, 2006



Mexican invaders and their American collaborators are masters of duplicity. They will decry any attempts of American patriots to defend our country against million men invasion of Mexican “migrants”, calling the defenders, “racists”, “xenophobes”, and “nativists”. They will complain that displays of American flag are offensive to Latinos, and that promotion of the English language is an instance of “anti-Hispanic” bigotry. They will give themselves “constitutional” right to march on American streets and to protest enforcement of the law as if the U.S. Constitution were here for their convenience and pleasure and not for protection of the American people (see my previous commentary for an argument that it is not).


But as soon as the Mexican invaders manage to entrench themselves on American soil in ethnic colonies, euphemistically referred to as “immigrant communities”, they completely abandon their cosmopolitan principles of diversity and multiculturalism and become staunch defenders of purity of their monolithic (as opposed to diverse) “Hispanic heritage”, culture, and language. Now, it's OK (for them) to do all the things that they were, apparently, so against. Now, it's OK (for them) to publicly display their anti-white racism. Now it's OK (for them) to cultivate xenophobia1 and push whites (and, sometimes, blacks) out of "their turf". Now it's OK (for them) to claim the entire American continent as a sole property of "native" (they use the term “indigenous”) Latinos, although, until recently, neither them not their ancestors were inhabiting the land that rightfully belongs to the U.S. Now it's OK (for them) to impose their flag and their language on us and tell white Americans who don't like it to move “back” to Europe, never mind letting anyone to protest the invasion and societal decay that it brings.


Take, for instance, Maywood, California, a city on Southern outskirts of Los Angeles, and a major Mexican colony with 95% of Hispanic population, that gained notoriety after its city council declared it a sanctuary for illegal aliens. On August 26, 2006, members of Save Our State and their supporters peacefully protested there against that act of open contempt of federal law, calling it, and justly so, a betrayal of the American voters (aliens, legal or otherwise, cannot vote), a breach of oath of office (council members were sworn to uphold the law), and a wholesale of America to the invaders. As one could easily predict, a "counter-demonstration" was set up promptly by the invaders and their cheer leaders. I was troubled when I saw (on KABC Local News) what these militant "counter-demonstrators" were saying and doing.


They were insulting the protesting Americans, calling them names in Spanish and waving posters that read: “White racists go back to Europe”, “All Europeans are illegal”, and “We are indigenous! The ONLY owners of this continent”. (Later, they were reports of assaults and vandalism directed at the American protesters and their parked cars.) They removed the American flag from the pole in from of the Maywood Post Office and hanged the Mexican flag in its place. If it weren't for a cordon of police in riot gear that kept them at a distance form the protesting Americans, they would, undoubtedly, turn violent and physically attack the protesters who were trying to exercise their First Amendment rights (and in support of a just cause, I must say) in their own country.


One of the “counter-demonstrators”, a young Latino man who looked and spoke as if he just hopped the American-Mexican border, was shown on KABC Local News live report referring to the protesting Americans as the outsiders who were not “locals” in Maywood but came from “somewhere else”.  Can you imagine, a scofflaw (he said he could not find work if it weren't for Maywood illegal alien sanctuary policy) who had no right of being here, portraying himself as a “local” with unalienable right to this place, dismissing legitimate protest by American citizens as an intrusion into “his” town?


This duplicitous attitude seems so characteristic of so many Mexican illegals. They demand the border be opened to them so that they can "migrate" freely to the land that is not theirs (and never was, except on their paper for less than 25 years some 180 years ago), but when they consider a part of our country “their turf” then they become every bit as racist, xenophobic, and nativists as they claim Americans are.


What bothers me most, though, is the fact that there are morons who refuse to see duplicity of the Mexican invaders and their American collaborators. Morons who take the invaders' claims for granted, no matter how much evidence of hypocrisy and deceit is presented to them. Idiots who suggest that there is symmetry between the invading hordes and the lawful residents of this country, and even try to extend citizens' rights on the intruders (see my previous commentary for a disturbing example and a counter-argument - follow the link below). If America falls then it will be because of their (self-inflicted?) stupidity. For if it weren't for their misplaced compassion and generosity, the Banana Republic of Mexico would never have any chances of injecting millions of her “Latino” militants into our territory, never mind colonizing it and wrecking its societal and political structures.


Note1 It’s worth noting that in their native Mexico, the border with Guatemala is  rigorously enforced by their military, and anyone who attempts to illegally sneak into that country from the South is likely to end up in jail before being deported. Similarly, illegal aliens inside Mexico are being zealously chased by local police, prosecuted, and punished sternly for their violations of Mexican border and the immigration law. Even legal immigrants are thrown out of that country if they engage in any protests or other forms of political activities while in Mexico. And the “Hispanic” activists don’t seem to have any problems with that. Tell me more about “xenophobia”.



ADDENDUM. Here is a disturbing letter that I received from a reader, “a blonde headed blue eyed woman [who] carried no flags, no signs, and wore jeans and a jean jacket with NO provocative American flag decorations whatsoever. [The counter-protesters] had no way of knowing whether [she] had come to support them or trying to get to the other side.”


Here it is.


My name is [withheld], and I was beaten by the pro-illegal supporters at the Maywood protest after being shoved into the crowd by a man screaming "Death to the Minutemen" three inches from my face. He attached himself to me as soon as I rounded a corner after fighting the hideous parking situation in Maywood for a good thirty minutes. I was separated intentionally from the people I was with, who happened to be Black, Asian, and dark headed Caucasians, and thrown to those animals who nearly knocked each other over in their zeal to be one of the people who got to punch the blonde headed white girl. As they hauled me through the crowd by my hair, punching me, kicking me, and hitting me repeatedly in the head with full water or soft drink bottles, I made eye contact with two of the police who were at the barrier at two separate times. Neither made any effort at all to help me. With the help of ONE elderly Hispanic man, who was shoved around and kicked at for his troubles, I finally made it to the barrier, where I began screaming for help. A policeman, not either of those with whom I had made eye contact, stepped forward, grabbed my right arm and hauled me over the barricade, leaving a large chunk of my hair in the hands of the person who was attempting to use it to haul me back into the crowd as they weren't through with me yet.


My back and neck are both injured and I will likely require some long term physical therapy in order to regain the full use of my left leg, as a kidney punch to my lower back has apparently damaged my sciatic nerve and made it excrutiatingly painful for me to put weight on that leg. Ironic as I work in a restaurant for a living and I am now limping through each shift on massive doses of ibuprofen.


They also attacked a 79 year old man who was forced to flee into an auto parts store, and another blonde woman who was pushed, verbally assaulted, and had personal articles destroyed.



Readers’ comments: I just wanted to drop you a note regarding your recent article. You pegged it much better than I could, and I believe most Americans would agree with every word you wrote. I first saw a clip from the Maywood incident on Lou Dobbs, one of the few mainstream media outlets that showed how hateful and dangerous the illegal aliens were that day. I hope you'll continue to address this issue, as you have excellent writing skills and an ability to get right to the point. So... thank you!


Hi Mark- I had no idea that the illegal alien skunks and their brethren beat up that poor, defenseless blonde woman who wrote that wonderful yet horrific piece. God bless you for telling us.




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