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[...] The main, albeit untold, objective of "Liberalism" is to stop social evolution in tracks by helping the least fit to survive and multiply while preventing the most fit from succeeding, and discouraging them, however implicitly, by means of state-mandated socio-demographic policies, from having kids that tend to inherit their parents' fitness.  [The article argues that the Nazism was a brutally implemented non-Marxian socialism + eugenics while the "Liberalism" is a relatively mild form of non-Marxian socialism + dysgenics. Click here for more.]


Readers’ comments: "Thanks for the great post. You are on the dime, and we must keep Congress fearful of losing their jobs."  "Great article." "[...] this is right on [...] You hit the nail (preferably a liberal) right on the head [...] these foul creatures live through projection. They project empathy and compassion which they do not in the slightest feel. They are truly mean and uncaring and self-adoring and arrogant. Your column is tres [French: very] true".

  Your columns made me feel safe and have hope.


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