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Your article covers it all in a nutshell. I had mentioned to you before curious political events in history, my partners and I have seen from the early 70's with the U.S. Border Patrol. There were very few Agents, less than 2,000 for both the Northern and Southern Borders and we controlled our areas with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies and citizens. There was little support from Congress for manpower or equipment but we were still an effective organization. Illegal Immigration was not a major problem at that time. Agents had the authority to question any foreign national as to their right to be and remain in the U.S. We worked the line for illegal aliens, contraband narcotics and agriculture, interior enforcement efforts industry, manufacturing, restaurants and City Patrol. Police and Sheriff's deputies would hold illegal aliens traveling by vehicle until we arrived. Citizens could call in a complaint regarding illegal aliens working in the neighborhood and we would respond.


Special Interest Groups who controlled local state and Federal elected representatives didn't appreciate immigration enforcement in Agriculture, manufacturing or any interior missions. The fraud filled 1986 IRCA Amnesty was an act that truly hamstrung effective enforcement. Farm and Ranch Checks, Industry checks could no longer be accomplished without a search warrant. Many interior Border Patrol Stations were shut down and illegal immigration became the massive problem we see today with both political parties actively enticing violation of 8 USC 1324 and 1325 with social services to Amnesty. Policies roll downhill from the beltway through decades of inept Immigration Commissioners, political appointees that were clueless on law enforcement. The new and improved DHS BICE dances to the tune of political controllers such as Ridge who sees Mexico and South America as his good Amigos and 3 million illegal aliens crossing our Borders yearly is of no importance. Hutchinson called off the Border Patrol in California for being too effective on interior enforcement.


With Sanctuary cities across the United States with the blessings of elected leaders where police cannot question any person on immigration issues unless a felony is committed, these are curious times. As a long time conservative, I did not vote for Bush nor any of his minions supporting open borders and guest worker Amnesty nonsense for all third world nations. Many thanks for a fine article.


John W. Slagle


(ret) Special Agent, Anti-Smuggling Unit U.S.B.P. Tucson, Arizona


Open-Border  Conspiracy




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