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Mr. Dwyer is entirely correct. It's more than a need to know who is coming into our country. I saw a representative from Amnesty International on C-span the other day extolling the virtues of "immigration." I was astonished, even with the bleeding hearts all over the place these days, to hear him say, "We are getting the cream of the crop." I know I heard the statement, but I'm wondering if my ears deceived me on the conversation up to that point.


In today's Dallas Morning News, the whole op-ed page is devoted to a dark chapter in Texas history - the 1915 scourge whereby Texas Rangers swept through killing innocent Hispanics. I'm not familiar with this part of the history of the Rangers, but it seems the image of the "bad" American has to come out to justify today's invasion by Mexico.


I'm weary of the battering we take as "compassionate" people to justify the destruction of our country. And I'm truly tired of Vicente Fox who constantly demands that we take his people, then turns around and says we are "meddling" in his country's policies." How much more is Bush going to take? He stands up to other countries when they provoke us, but with Fox, our President cowers in a corner somewhere. He seems frozen with fear to speak out against this two-bit crook. Why? When we learn that reason, we may have a key as to why Bush puts the welfare of illegal aliens before that of law-abiding Americans. Inquiring minds want to know.


June Venable


We Need To Know Who's Coming



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