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Mr. Dwyer isn't far off the mark. When I saw the billboard, my first thought was "this is an act of war." What would have happened if Pakistan or North Korea had done the same thing? I've sure the President would have sent troops to quell the invasion. But, since it's Mexico, GWB thinks it's just fine. Neither he nor Vicente Fox will rest until the borders are destroyed and we are all one, big happy country. But guess who keeps paying the bills?


We will probably have to wait until 2008, but all presidential candidates are going to be in for some heavy questioning. My first would be: "Do you intend to put your own people's welfare before that of illegal aliens?"


With the obsessive running around the country pushing changes in Social Security that has a few years to go, Bush would do a lot better to fix the worst domestic problem facing us right now - the uncontrolled mass of illegal immigrants pouring into our country. It's reached critical mass. We are out of time. Close the borders except for the legitimate checkpoints. After all, tradespeople don't sneak over.


June Venable


First U.S. City Fell to Mexican Army



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