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Mr. Dwyer:


Given the pending amnesty situation explained in your latest posting, your previous essays and the apparent emphasis on Mexican historical awareness and cultural sensitivity, perhaps a proposed statue to El Presidente, General Antonio López de Santa Anna is an idea that finally may have support!


If villainy is to be praised and betrayal forgotten or forgiven, perhaps cultural activists and Liberal Internationalists should be officially encouraged to initiate The US-Mexico International Friendship Memorial Project to erect a monolithic statue honoring Santa Anna - ideally located in Gadsden, Arizona - which is a prime illegal alien crossing site on the Colorado River.


Why Arizona? Santa Anna sold southern Arizona to the United States. Texas is probably not an ideal location for a cross cultural memorial to "El Presidente for Life" General Santa Anna since he murdered Texans.


California is a definite possibility but may not be the best placement of a Santa Anna monument for historical reasons. As an alternative, the American-Mexican and Mexican constituents of Los Angeles will likely erect a statue to Alcalde Antonio "Pancho" Villa-Raigosa in the recaptured territory of Norte California.


Am quite sure that you know that Tucson, Arizona already has a prominent statue celebrating the murderous bandito and Mexican hero, Pancho Villa!


Hope to see more of your outstanding commentary in the future. Very Best Wishes and Happy Cinco de Mayo,


Mort Angler



Lying Liar




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