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What an incredible writer!


July 10, 2007


I have just discovered Mark Andrew Dwyer in his latest article (and the first one I have read!!!) "Differences between Races a Distraction".


How incredibly exhilarating to read Mr. Dwyer's truth in what he wrote.  How powerful to give voice to what so many of us Caucasians of European background still believe.  How wonderful to defend not only your own culture but your own blood.  Thank you more than I can express.  The more I read and re-read what you wrote the more excited I became because here is a spokesman for those who have no spokesman.  Here is a man who is willing to say and give voice to the truth.  It is our Western Christian culture which is the best and the greatest that the world has ever known and without which the world would long before now have succumbed to barbarism.


I love "my kind", the White Race, and while I truly believe that God created all people and loves us all, He has bestowed far more of his blessings upon us.  We are by far the best looking, the most intelligent, and the most civilized of any and yet we have come to the point where we detest ourselves and wish to be like other races.  Was I the only one who was severely depressed when recently the government announced that the country was now officially only two-thirds white?  To me to know that only 2 of 3 people in this country is white is horrifying because if there are one hundred million non-whites in the country how soon before whites will officially become the minority. Not so many years ago the European element was 90+% and as we have declined as a percentage of the population so has the corresponding civilization as quickly declined! And, like Mr. Dwyer's article, race is only a distraction here but it is also indicative of the type of 'culture' which follows race in today's society where whites are hated and detested and discriminated against by all other races!


I cannot wait to finish reading the rest of Mr. Dwyer's articles and I have a new "hero" to add to my list of relatively few notable individuals!  God Bless you, Mr. Dwyer, may you continue to be prolific and give hope to the few who still care enough to try & reverse the demise of our race.


A grateful reader!!!!


Steven Dean



Differences between Races a Distraction




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