This website helps you how to realize you and your life and your presence and purpose in this earth in very simple words and easy to understand. This website is not created in any motivation to hurt or oppose anybodies belief or any religions belief and concept.

Who is God?
God... You are God!! Yes God is within you.

Where is God?
God is in each and every activity of you. In your movement, in your speech, in your thinking, In your worries, In your Joy, In your smile, In your physical parts.

Can we see God?
Yes possible, if you try. You can see every where.

Is there any name for God?
No name for God... If you want to call you have to call you if you have realized. If not you call him in the name of "Nature"

To get attached with God, Any mantras or prayers have to be practiced?
No. Not necessary, Try to pass your life travel as your brain works.

Whether God is must for our daily survival?
Yes and definite

Then how can I realize the God?
Yes you can realize and if you ask me through email. I will tell you.

What is the Exact and Final solution about God?

Yes.... God is every where.... To realize it you have to read the following with much attention.   First before knowing about God we should understand where we are living. We are living in a very small part of this Galaxy (Universe).  Actually the whole universe is administrated by God. (Supreme power or nature) . Lot of incidents and movements are administrated by that supreme power.

To realize this we can have and use 3 paths.

1.  Scientifically,
     2.  Medically
          3.  Astrologically

This website is not ready to teach this realization through yoga, meditation, or prayer. Everything is practical here and proven results are there. The person who wants to realize their life can practice with us without spending your money. Through email and chat you can contact me.

                                      Jesus is not the God,
                                         Allah is not the God,
                                               Rama is not the 'God,
                                                      You are only the God

This is the Living formula. CLICK HERE for your arguments and discussions. Please feel to write anything. No objection from the author. Your writings may be opposite, supportive, or even wild fire… No problem.

Finally........ The God is in the Peneal Gland of Hypothalamus center of a Human brain. Like that all creators have its on centers. A creature is having the connectivity of another creator.
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